Billie McDonald
Theift, Lying, Stolen, Fake, Sly

Billie McDonald

The Above person Stole by lying and scamming My Wife and My Self. out of $200, On or abouts December 2, 2012 We Had a Dog Delivered someone on Kijiji Billie McDonald, She had a MinPin Dog For sale for 500$ we offered 400 and informed her we where Disabled, When this person Came to our home with her boyfriend we talked about the dog and Recorded the Whole Convo, We asked the Following Things And where told the Following

Q) Is The Dog Aggressive, as we have a 1 year old child
A) He is not Aggressive and has never showen any Aggressive tendenceys

Q) Dose he have his Shots?
A) Yes he has his shots and there good tell the end of the Year

Q) Is there any thing we should no about him
A) No He's fine and will be a bit shy at first.

Now Right After getting the Dog we Spent time with him and took him for walks and played with him within the first 24hrs this Dog started showing Very Aggressive Tendenceys around Food and my babys Treats. He tryed to bit my wifes hand and also my babys hand where he left a mark on the skin.

After Contacting the seller Via Facebook, Email, And phone she aggread to come pick up the dog and refound the money, the next mornning we where told she's not comming and theres nothing we can do after fighting with this lady and contacting our court house to start a law suit we where given an address to retrun the dog when we did we where refounded money in an envlop it was 200$ half of what we had given this girl just days before, she advised when she resells the dog we would get the rest of the money.

Over A month has gone buy we tryed contacting the seller to find out the status of the dog if he was resold she said hahahaha then blocked us online

so shes a theif and now the world knows

Offender: Billie McDonald
Country: USA   State: Ontario   City: Thunder Bay

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