SC Business Consulting
Brandon Kennard I Was Given False Hope, Empty Promises, and Shorted on My Pay Check!!

My first impression of this place was that I thought it was very professional. I would later find out that the people there dress up to make you feel like there is money to be made there but in reality those people that are dressed up redress into AT&T gear later on and solicit.

I was given so much hope at first. I was told that I could make a lot of money and start my own business if I worked hard enough. I started getting suspicious at first when I found out that 99% of the employees there had only been there for less than a month. I' myself stayed there for 3 weeks and I saw many superiors over me quitting.

I lost way more money than I made there. I used so much of my own money in gas to go solicit and when I would get paid I would always get ripped off. All-in-all, I worked there for 3 weeks spent $400 in my own money on gas and I made about $200. Unfortunately, even though I made that lousy $200 I didn't see all of it. Out of that $200, Brandon Kennard(The Owner) paid me $86. In regards to that other $114 he said that the customers I signed up must have canceled. In reality, they didn't cancel, Brandon wanted to steal some of my money because he knew I had quit and plus he has a failing business.

SC Business Consulting is not worth it. I'm worse off now than I was before I started working there.

They tried to make it sound like it was going to be a great place to work when I got the job but really all you do is door knock on people's houses late at night and you hardly ever get paid for it!!! Not worth it......

Offender: SC Business Consulting
Country: USA   State: South Carolina   City: Greenville
Address: 37 Villa Rd Suite 411
Phone: 4055930204

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