Lawrence County Corrections
Lawrence County Jail Their jail guards some of them beat you up for no reason in bathroom upstairs in booking

I was wrongfully put into the this place for almost 1 year. I should of been placed in mental hospital. I'm not going into depth regarding me or my story but I was mentally ill and overdosed by doctors on many different medications and they never kept a check on lithium blood levels or other medicine levels. So I got into serious charges over this and I was placed on a 5th floor in a nut ward for a week then off to this Lawrence County Jail.

I was put through hell in the booking dept up there where they kept me for almost 2 months. I got beat in the bathroom. On several occasions. They harrass you over the intercom system its the afternoon shift and overnight shift mostly at that time in 2011.

There are others who went through other forms of stuff that should NEVER be going on in a jail. This is a jail not a state prison.

They mess with people who are messed up mentally or who are on drugs and the like and it needs to be stopped. I need to say no more about it. My lawyer knows about it and he defends them guards and gets them out of trouble. I witnessed an incident downstairs where this guard used this one inmate to use his head to open the door. The guard punched him first. Then 10-15 goons came down and the one who beat me slammed his head off a metal table they gave in the hole section of this place. People stay out of trouble you don't wanna go here expecially if you got mental issues your in for it....

Offender: Lawrence County Corrections
Country: USA   State: Pennsylvania   City: New Castle
Address: 111 S Milton St

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