Nicole Mcfarland
Nicole LIES!

nicole is a known liar. seriously, how can ONE PERSON come in to contact with beginner safe horses only? ACE is kept on hand in her barn. she gets horses from auctions and the next day, turns around and sells them. she can't possibly know a horse in a day well enough to know how safe they are. her friends are even known to ask her "how much did you lie this time?"

on the bright side, the really psycho horses she gets rid of.

the horse i bought from her, i got vaugely lucky. he required over 6 months of complete re-training and still could be called dangerous. on a good day, he's a good horse, but was vastly misrepresented. she told me she had had him for 2 years. recently, i emailed her to ask about his real background to which she responded that she was uncertain of anything, she got him from a guy less than a week before. he was sold as a beginner safe, kid friendly, lazy horse, only for sale because of her finances from a recent divorce. the only true part of the statement was a recent divorce. she did send videos, but in an indoor arena, any horse is quiet.

she will say ANYTHING to make a sale. "is he forward? i need a quiet horse" "no, he's lazy"

my friend bought a mare from her, sold as beginner safe, for her cousin. once the drugs wore off, the horse went nuts. she had to go to auction. upon talking with other people in the community, i met the person who had sold the mare to nicole. she told nicole that the horse was NOT beginner safe and not to sell her as such! the next day she was for sale...

keep in mind, anyone can put a kid on a horse and take a picture. anyone can say anything- drugs can mask the real horse. skinny horses might be quiet, but once you put some weight on them, their true colors shine.

horses are animals, not machines. however, sales within days of original purchase allow no time for the owner to know anything about the horse. she may not be controlling the animal, but she is manipulating the circumstance. BUYER BEWARE. She says "my sisters ride these horses" her family is in GERMANY. the horses may change when they leave her property because they have been drugged. when i bought from her, i saw with my own eyes, half empty bottles of ACE lying all over the place. however, she did walk me through the pasture and tell me what was wrong with a bunch of the other horses. mine must not have been drugged too heavily, he still put up a little fight.

in short, occassionally, she does get and "acceptable" horse. don't take the chance, buy from someone else.

also notice, the people who have had a good experience with her on this forum are not local to her. sometimes, people get lucky. most of the time, it's not worth the risk.

Offender: Nicole Mcfarland
Country: USA   State: Pennsylvania   City: York Springs
Address: unsure

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