Hoosier Tradewinds is a company which truck drivers need to avoid. They have opened up another checking account that they are using as payroll for their drivers. They will issue you a payroll check but before it will clear their bank account, a STOP PAYMENT has been put on the check. It takes up to two weeks before the bad check and the service charges hits your bank account. They have been caught skimming miles (which they call practical miles). When they get caught, they will make up an OFFER which is not even close to the amount that they have shorted you for skimming the pot.

They claim that they operate their business on CHRIST-LIKE principles... which basically means they rob from Peter to pay Paul. They have no intentions of returning any money that is left over in your maintence escrow back to you. It is intended to be used by them... at their choice. If you have a low maintence account, the company will terminate your contract and keep any monies that is left over. The company feels that all the reports on the internet about them are lies, and are written by former employees who "have left the company" and are trying to cause problems by writing false statements about the company.

I recently had a angioplasty done and was suppose to be off of work for a week (Dr. Orders). During that week, they stopped payment on my check, stopped my fuel cards, advised me that since I experience a "serious medical procedure" that they are requesting that the company and I split ways. They made a conference call to inform of this and they were more concern with the maintence of the truck, future maintence, and how they were getting the truck back to Indiana. They informed me, as a company, that they feel I am not medically qualified to drive their equipment. They insist that I DO NOT drive the truck back to Indiana. Infact, they will be gladly to come get the truck.

And they promised that they would not report it as an abandon truck. I said I wanted to turn over the truck to the FEDERAL MARSHALS to make sure I get all my monies that is due to me. I want to put am immediate possession lein on the truck until I get all money that is due to me. They informed me that if I do not turn over the truck to them, only them, that they will be reporting the truck as stolen, (which i am leasing and payments are all current and they will be retaining money until truck is return). And they threaten me that i will be going to jail. Is this the kind of company that you would like to work for?

Country: USA   State: Indiana   City: ARCADIA
Address: 1318 East 236th Street

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