Doggie district silverado
Betrayed dogs

I just read the report about the dog day care scam and i feel vindicated because i discovered this scam myself a couple of months ago. For almost 2 years, i took my dog to this place. All the while i thought he was always out playing in the yard until a compassionate employee told me about just like what was mentioned in the report "potty brakers". No one told me about this. Had i known I would never ever take my dog there. Who would?The reason why i take my dog to a day care that has ads "cage free, all day play" is for my dog to play outside with other dogs. Otherwise, if my dog would only be kept in a kennel then i would just leave him at home. My dog is never in a kennel. I am very, very hurt that my poor dog was in a way abused by the people who i thought were nice just like the way they present themselves in the lobby. When I learnt about my dog being kept in a kennel for most of the time, I spoke to the manager and the owner and of course they denied the allegations but they told me that my dog actually plays in a small yard bec they claimed he couldnt get along well with other dogs. I requested to see that small yard and indeed it is really small appox 12ft by 10ft. I wasnt told about this on his eval day. I gave my dog surprise visits to see if he was outside playing and none of those visits that i saw my dog outside playing. They only took him out, obviously from a kennel when i was there. I did not only waste all the money i spent on this doggie district but i made myself look like a fool buying the whole crew lunch on thanksgiving, christmas and on my dog's birthday. It's not easy to find out if dogs are indirectly or discreetly abused, (but of course, they can't talk.)

Dont be the next victim of doggie district. Demand for a live camera.!!

Offender: Doggie district silverado
Country: USA   State: Nevada   City: Las vegas
Address: silverado ranch blvd

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