Clinton County Court System
Dishonorable Timothy Lawliss (Joke) Clinton County Court system is a Joke. These clowns are so biased it isn't funny.

I find it funny how unbalanced and crooked the Clinton County Court system is, in Plattsburgh NY. My wife works her ass off 7 days a week so that her ex husband can soak $800 a month out of her for child support. Paying the support is not so bad, it is her lazy ass ex husband who sits on his rear all day, plays Dungeons and Dragons in his FREE housing, eating food from his FREE food stamps and getting his FREE medicaid for himself, his kids and new wife. Not to mention, 5 out of their 6 household member are considered "Disabled". If Disabled is sitting on your ass and doing nothing, yep--they are severly disabled.
So, what do this lame dick judges do? Charge my wife $800 to support this deadbeat family! They go on cruises,etc. While she pays their way.
Now, on the other hand these same lame dick judges also handled my support order. I have custody of my three kids and where my new wife pays $800 a month for her kids, my ex wife pays $21 a week for ALL THREE of our kids! YEP, LAME DICK JUDGES set that wonderful amount! For $12 years my ex has paid $21 a week because she hides behind her husbands money and refuses to work. He makes 6 figures, while her kids go without.
Do us a favor Clinton County. Vote out these Douche Bags and get fair judges in the court system.

Offender: Clinton County Court System
Country: USA   State: New York   City: Plattsburgh
Address: Clinton County Government Center

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