Not what thay advertise Happy to take yore money and do nothing including call you back

After being cited for a speeding violation 73 in a 65 on October 10th with a court date of October 23 I contacted TVC pro driver on October, 15.

I was told that yes thay could help me, and that the court date was verry close so thay would have to file for an extension and to call them in about a week to see how things weere progressing. So I called them one week later to check on things and thay said thay had noting to report, but to call back one week later.

This would put me after my sceduled court date, thay assured me every thing was progressing smoothly.

Five days later my wife calls to tell me I have a letter from the court. I tell her to open it expecting it to say that the citations was dismissed. No the letter is to inform me that if I do not pay the fine $364.00 My licenens will be suspended. I call the court to assure them that I have TVC on the case and not worry.

The clerk tells me that I need to pay the fine because no one showed up for my court date, and that now I was a failuar to appear.

So I call TVC and tell them about the failure to appear and thay say to fax it to them directly and call them in a week, I have twenty days to comply with the letter from the court or have my licenes suspended.

I call five days latter to be told that thay talked to the lawyer and he informed them that the judge in the case was verry firm and that it would not do any good to fight it.

Soo basicly I am out the $295.00 to TVC and the $364 for the violation, not to mention the points on my MVR. Never once was I called to say there was a problem.

I would recomend staying away from TVC Pro-Driver if you want to keep your licenes in good standing.

Country: USA   State: Oklahoma   City: Oklahoma City
Address: 3200 W Wilshire Blvd
Phone: 8002882889

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