Dish Network
Credit card fraud and poor customer service

There is already a report on this subject. I will second it: All I need to add is that Dish Network has no idea of what is going on and are totally clueless and ignorant. My credit card number was hacked and charges ranging from $5 to $10,000 were made to my credit card. Dish network does not know what to do and how to handle this complaint.

They seem clueless. The matter needs to be taken with Better Business Bureau and perhaps legal action is necessary. Keep checking your online account, this can easily be hacked by these rogue agents calling on behalf of Dishnetwork. Though I cancelled my card and informed Dishnetwork, the company has not done anything despite repeated complaints. They just don't respond.

Here I quote the complaint made by an earlier good samaritan:

Guys, this is a warning for dishnetwork customers- in particular Indians.
There will be phone calls made to you in which an almost unbelievable offer will be made, this is how it goes:
- A person with an obvious Indian name and accent will say that they work for the subsidiary/affiliate of Dish network. They will also say that they are the guys who installed your setup.
- He will have surprisingly detailed information about your Dish network account, your receiver etc. you will have no trouble believing this person is not in some way connected to your dish providers.
- He will then say that due to some policies/contract they have with Dish network they need to refund money back to customers. He will offer you various options a 6 month option where you get $700 credited to your account, and then AFTER VERIFYING THAT THE MONEY IS IN YOUR ACCOUNT, you would need to send $200 or so to a western union account
- You may not take the offer seriously because it will sound shady, and the instructions given to you to check your account for the credit will be very shady (sir you call Dish network and verify the $ amount, but dont tell that we (Dish TV USA or something) have credited this money as Dish network doesnt like it.or sir you need to send the money to western union but dont say it is to a company say you are sending it to a friend..or send the money within 2 days of verifying the amount)
- THIS IS WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING - YOU VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT (internet or by calling them) and the money is actually in your account. You also get a couple emails to the same effect and the emails are perhaps in really broken English!!
- Now you are confused should I send the money? Is it a legitimate deal? And in the meantime you will be HOUNDED by calls from them saying sir you have verified the amount, now please send us the money IMMEDIATELY
- BE WARNED- This is a scam!! They have gotten hold of someones credit card and have made payments using his/her cards to your account. You will see the money there but make no mistake- it will be taken out as soon as that person reports it to his credit card company
- They target primarily Indians. This is a scam. Do not fall for it.

Offender: Dish Network
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: Dept. 0063

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