If you Post your Resume on Craigs list, you will be barraged with replies offering employment which 90% of the time are BOGUS offers .

I posted my rtesume on Craigslist only to get moronic responses from morons asking me " are you still looking for a job ? What the hell... no I posted my resume because I have nothing better to do - YOU JACK ASSES !

How about this one: I have a drivers job available... or looking for a Nanny... orf would you in interested in working from HOME posting ads on Craislist ? What ?? So, I read it and even went to Denny's Restaurant and OH MY GOD there were 50 if not 75 desperate people applying for a position. It turned out to be BOGUS and a SCHEME to SCVREW PEOPLE without a doubt in my mind.

When a company responds to you out of the blue claiming someone found your resume on CRAIGSLIST - BE VERY - VERY - VERY CAUTIOS. They somehow saw your resume and start offering you these BOGUS jobs that do not exist. They never put their company name doewn, or the name of their company, or a telephone number... but state HR ( Human Resources) and some bull shi* Bogus name. Some " may " ... I repeat " may " put a company name down, but 95% of the time it can't be found on the internret. It is a SCHEME to get your name, your address, your telephone number , your date of birth and other information. If you think you are going to hrear from the bastards... forget it !! It ain't going to happen - It is all BULLS**T.

What is going on with CRAIGSLIST... it seems they are forever involved in questionable situations, which somehow always seems to get them incvolved with the law one way or another .... or you hear on the news...The Craislist murder, or The Crais;list rapist, or The Craigslist Stalker... Now, you can't blame CRAIGSLIST for the Nutcases, morons and screwballs out there, but for some reason.... there is aleways that air of questionability .

For almost a year now, I have posted resumes in my career on Craigslist and within hours I get barraged by scymbags offering jobs that are not real jobs. The replies you suddenly get hit with are the asswholes of the internet who find your resume posted on of all places... yep you guessed it... CRAIGSLIST... who contacvt you with this a,azing offer for a moronic job.... that guess what.... isn't even real. I guess OBAMA is that desperate to tell The Ametican Public there are jobs out there - just go to CRAIGSLIST and look at all the jobs... you lying Keyan bastard. These morons give people false hope, to desperate people whpose homes are in Foreclosure, or Husbans and wives who can't feed their kids, or who have lost all hope of making it to the end of the month. These are desperate people who live in America, the greatest Nation in the World, who can't feed their own people.

It is a SCAM to give people false hopes of a brighter tomorrow. We have become a nation of thieves and liars and con artists. This is not the America my grandparents and parents loved. We are hated by the other nations and have a President who'll DESTROY this country. Put that son of a b*** back in 4 more years and you morons will have NOBODY TO BLAMEW BUT YOURSELVES. There will be NO MORE EXCUSES... we will fail as a NATION and be oin WORSE OF CONDITIONS than we are now... that Son of a B*** is killing America.

Getting back to Craigslist... it is all bullshit. The economy is dting like a cancer. I am about to lose my home. I am desperate for work. I will do anything to save myself, my family, my home... but it is not happening. The CFraigaslist people and the morons who back to you are as FULL OF SHI * as OBAMA.


We have been barraged with BOGUS ads for Employment who were hired to post bogus ADS ON CRAIGLIAST. I CAN TELL YOU FOR A FACT THEY DO NOT EXIST.

i SUBMITTED MY RESUME IN THREE DIFFERENT FIELDS OF WORK, ONLY TO BE BOMBARDED BYpeople asking me: Are you still looking for a job ? Are you a moron or what ? Why would people be posting resumes on Craigslist if they weren't looking for a job ?

Let me give you an example. I posted a resume seeking a position in my field and within hours 25 to 30 responses came in offering jobs as a) Babsitter b) Chauffer c) Driver d) Nanny... or the best one was " Are you still looking "...NO you MORON... I sat here and posted to Craislist because I have nothing better to do.

These sons of bitches give you false hopes of finding a job.

I'll give you one better. I went to this place after answering their ad. It tuirned out to be a company who was hiring people to post ads for employment. You wee paid $15.00 to go online and post jobs in various states.... and guess what..... they were BOGUS ads... there was no job available... or it said.... we saw your resume on Craigslist and was wondering if you are still looking for work ? What a stupid bastard. Why would people be on Craigslist posting their resumes in the JOBS section, if they already had a job - Why ?

I'll go one better.... I saved 6 postings I found on CRAIGSLIST asking people to work from their homes postings ads on Craigslist. I saved each and everyone of these ads and postings.... ( PROOF ).

Here's onre even better. I answered an ad and went to this Dennys Restaurant where a meeting was set up for potential Employment. At $15.00 an hour it was hard to pass up, so.... I went there to see what was going on. It was a guy offering poisitions whereby you went online on one of the 3 SEARCH ENGINE sites ( three major ones - can't say which one ) and they gave you a list of 500 business web pages to suppoisedly open up the webpage and give your opinion of that webpage. With 45 people just in that room just between 10:300 and 11:30 they had a small ARMY of people who were assaigned to go to your webpage and review it. I found out, it was a SCAM. By you opening up that webpage that some poor bastard had put on the SEARCH ENGINES... he was just billed a pay per click. Based on your monthly budget... you may have 8, 10, 12 or 15 people hitting your webpage and you never once got a call. Think about this.... You sent one of the SEARCH ENGINE Companies a $500.00 monthly Budget. Your paying per click when somebody open up your webpage and supposedly reads your webpage. Guess what at the end of the month you got SCREWED a BIG CHUNK OF CHANGE for the pay per click, and half if not three quarters of those clicks never called your company.... why/..... because they hired poor bastards to open up your webpage so you were now " BILLED " additional pay per clicks. It's a SCAM. Remember for a white some of the search engine companies were being accused of multiple pay per clicks being done with the same IP ADDRESS ? Now, so you can't trace them back to one person opening up your webpage over and over and over again, it is easier to hire 45 to 100 people to do it, each with their own IP ADDRESS. It can't be traced back to anyone person. Hummmm do I smell FRAUD here ? Not that I am blaming anyone, but... let's just say... I walked out of the interview. It's all about money ( pay per click ).

My advice is BE VERY CAUTIOUS . Don't reply to BOGUS OFFERS OF EMPLOYMENT asking you for your name, address, telephone number, Date of bith.... because they are without a doubt going to SCREW you with the information you just supplied them. Don't answer ads on a resume you posted, and suddenly you get e-mails offering you a Nanny's job, or a drivers job, or a helper to run errands... they are all BOGUS. In these desperate times people are desperate to feed their families, or pay their rent and Mortgage. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS BOGUS JOB OPPORTUNITIES SCVHEME.

Good Luck !!

J. Diaz

Country: USA   State: California   City: SAN FRANCISCO
Address: 1381 9TH AVENUE
Phone: 4155666394

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