San Diego DCSS
Malicious Prosecution by the San Diego DCSS who base their actions on a fraudulent court order filed by a Bigamist California resident. This order was dismissed by the New Jersey Superior Court based Internet

The State of California, the San Diego County Child Support Agency and the Federal Government continue to harass me and seek to garnish money from me from a 1987 San Diego fraudulent spousal/child support case that was transferred to the State of New Jersey and dismissed by the New Jersey Superior Court based on the fact that the woman in question was a Bigamist under California and New Jersey laws. She was legally married to a California man when her child was born and under both California and New Jersey law, this man was the legal husband and legal father of the child and not me.

However, although everything was dismissed by New Jersey on three separate occasions, San Diego County and the State of California has continued to harass me, prosecute me maliciously and to garnish my federal wages as a Federal Police Officer. Now they also want to garnish my federal TSP account. San Diego DCSS knows that this woman was a bigamist and that she married both men in the same court at different times. They also know that this "order" they have is totally fraudulent and this is why they would not allow my former San Diego attorney to reopen the case in a San Diego court. They simply look the other way, perpetuating their crime. I was in the United States Navy when this fraudulent second marriage took place and I was the second husband. In other words, I married this total fraud not knowing that she was already married to another San Diego man. The so called "arrears account" is now over $100,000 which I have refused to pay. I would like to discuss with a Law firm the possibility of suing California, San Diego County and the Federal Government. I am also willing to go public with the story.

The San Diego DCSS is nothing but a bunch of criminals who sponsor crimes against the law of the United States and even against their own California laws, which mean absolutely nothing to anyone. The California Attorney General has also been contacted and they also chose to look the other way. The federal government claims that they simply comply with the demands of a "State" and that they don't get involved. "They don't get involved", they simply rip you off and give your hard earned money to a totally morally bankrupt and corrupt Agency, the San Diego DCSS. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Joe M

Offender: San Diego DCSS
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 220 West Broadway, 6th floor
Phone: 8669013212

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