Holland Enterprises, Inc.
Stranded in Las Vegas

If you consider working for Holland Enterprises, please watch your back! I was an OTR driver for them, driving their truck for over 143,000 miles my first year. My wife and I gave up our apartment.
and lived on the road full-time.

After delivering a load of Ben and Jerry's ice cream from northern Vermont to Henderson, NV, I went to a local urgent care clinic in Henderson (on a Tuesday afternoon) because I was experiencing a respiratory problem that was not responding to my asthma medications. At the urgent care clinic, I was discovered to be in atrial fibriilation. I was immediately transported by ambulance to a local hospital, and was admitted into their ICU.

After a successful cardioversion treatment, and discharge from the hospital on Friday evening, I notified Denzil Edie, the safety coordinator, that I was prohibited from driving a semi until I was able to return to North Dakota and see a local cardiologist. Later that night, Denzil called my wife (not me) and informed her that another driver would be "retrieving" our truck Sunday at noon. He was aware that we were parked at the Wal-Mart in Henderson, unable to move the truck, and had no other options available.

My wife had to unload the truck into the Wal-Mart parking lot, while I was on oxygen tanks, unable to assist her. I was able to obtain a rental car and my wife and I drove to Mapleton (to the company yard) and retrieved our minivan. Because of space limitations in the rental car, we had to dispose of (throw away) most of our truck-related possessions, such as tools, CB, TV/DVD, bedding, and food.

To make a long story short, I was "separated" (not terminated) because I could not drive their truck any more, and was stranded with no options in Las Vegas. When I returned to their yard in Mapleton, I was informed that I no longer had a job nor a place to live, nor would I be transferred into a non-driving job until resolution of my medical situation. Denzil said that they did not want drivers working in the office, because then drivers could find out how things really run.

Once again, please be careful about working for this company. If you are ever incapacitated, you will be dumped on the side of the road like yesterday's garbage.

Offender: Holland Enterprises, Inc.
Country: USA   State: North Dakota   City: Mapleton
Address: 500 Carl Olsen Street
Phone: 8008002635
Site: www.hollandent.com

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