Encore Payment Systems
My two day employment experience with Encore payment systems turned out to be a rip off of my time, effort and office supplies. These people yelled at me when I wouldn't slam my niece with processing

I spoke to Seth Klien after resonding to a sales agent add that I found on a popular career building website. He explained that Encore payment systems was in the bussiness of selling credit card payments systems to bussineses and that the area that I live in was an untapped market and that was pretty an unlimited earning potential. He said that all of the appointments were preset and that clients would be expecting me.

He asked me few qualifying questions and then aksed me if I thought I could do the job. I replied to him yes then he sent me a link to fill out my personal information to do a background check and within minutes he said I passed. There was never an actual job aplication with edjucation and employment history. I found that unusual. Seth then put me on the phone with a second gentleman who reinterated the earning potential with the company and repeated the points on thier residual income as well as the career path up thier coororate ladder.

I was then given times for conference call that i was to call into. 1 for orientation, and another for a trianing webenar. at the end of the webenar I was given access to the encore trianing website where i was instructed to dowload multple video trianing links that would take days to complete. And alos promised 100 dollars the next day if I studied the initial online training and completed a quiz on a website that I could not access.

After The webenar I was instructed to join a conference call the next day. I was instructed to make copies of company literature with information abour Encore and to use a script that had been emailed also and to go out to local bussinesses with this script and briefly explain the purpose of the company and to get a bussiness card. After collecting bussiness cards i was to reort back to my assigned team leads Brian Petry or Jr Team lead Brent Lastinger.

I was then instructed to enter the callin card infor into the sales web site so that an appoint ment could be set for another day. One of my leads happened to be my niece who was in tow due to my sister's illness. My sister had taken ill and was rushed to the hospitol for emergency surgery the same day of the training webenar. I was up all night in the hospitol with my family pring for my siters recovery.

The next day Brent was unable to set an appointment with my niece because she wasn't answering the phone. I explained my sister's illness and that I would see my niece at the hospitol later and all Brent seemed to care about was if I was going to go and do a presentation. So thinking that I had a legitimate job and for fear of looosing it I went to the hospitol in my sister's ICU Unit with my family there to domy first presentation for Encore Payment systems.

Brent instructed me to call him back after I was finished. oI did so and Got this other guy Joe who talked down to me in this evil belittlling tone. I explained to him that Brent was who i was talking to and he told me to call back. He got Brent on the phone who said It was Okay to talk to Jeff whom I was complteley turned off buy and began to have second thoughts at that time about working for the company. and I said to Him " If your going to be unproffesional and speak to me rudly I can look for another company to work for.

I proceeded to fill out the order for my nieces credit card processor and Joe the rude guy had me fillling out current rates that were higher than my niece was acctualy getting on her current plan in order to close the sale. I dont think that Joe was fully aware that I was selling to my family. and when I told him that my niece stated that her rates were lower. He said " This is how we do it".

Bing unsure I decided to end the call and expplained to joe that I would do so. The next morning I called my Sr Team lead Brian who said he litsened to last nights call and that Joe was doing everthing correctly. I explained the rude tone and how I was spoken to by Joe that it was unproffesional and discouraging and did not build trust for me the sales rep who cannot see you face to face.

Brian said since I indicated that I would work for another company he would have to break all ties with me. Then Hung up the phone. I felt so manipulated at that time because I faxed these people my bank accout information routing numbers and all for direct deposit information as well as my DOB ans SSN who knows what they've done with my info. I had to cancel my bank account and pray they didn do anything illlegal with the rest of my info.

Offender: Encore Payment Systems
Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 18664046231
Site: www.encoreps.com

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