Jesse Gaisor has BEEN ARRESTED
Gaisor Scam Artist ARRESTED, Victim Statements Needed NOW (April 27th) Jesse Gaisor Sammanth Gallick ARRESTED April 23rd 2012 VICTIM STATEMENTS NEEDED NOW

In so many words, LONGTIME Pittsburgh, PA area craigslist money transfer ticket scam artist JESSE GAISOR (real name?) in cahoots with Sammantha Gallick HAS BEEN ARRESTED on APRIL 23rd 2012 with a court date or two pending. VICTIM STATMENTS (prefferably along with scans of your money transfer reciept to 'Jesse Gaisor/ whatever alias' in Pittsburgh, PA) are NEEDED RIGHT NOW.

I am a recent victim of Gaisor (who used another name with me) sometime around the beginning of April and have hoped and prayed that such a thing would happen (esp after filling local 'courtesy reports' with local police, complaining with Western Union, craigslist, PA police, and ULTIMATELY with the FBI who finally decided to take this CRIMINAL seriously after over a year of constantly scamming victims who posted 'Want To Buy' ads on craiglist and whatever other sites).

ESPECIALLY, after I was getting calls and emails from people who had been ripped off just DAYS AFTER I WAS! FOR THE SAME TYPES OF THINGS! What was really demoralizing was seespo posts by victims dated up to 11 months ago wherein they posted 'I spoke with a Police who are aware of this scam artist and he's probably going to be arrested within a week/ OR 'they can't do anything to him because his victims are all out of state or overseas'.

Offender: Jesse Gaisor has BEEN ARRESTED
Country: USA   State: Pennsylvania   City: Pittsburgh
Address: 146 Newburn Ave., Pittsburgh PA 15227
Phone: 4128070097
Site: google jesse gaisor sammanth gallick scam artists pittsburgh

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