Face 2 Face

Only experience I gained from working here, is how to GAPE. I've seen things in movies, that I feel I can do now. My butt has been exercised to its extreme. These guys WILL RAPE YOU with no LUBE. The Team leads are some selfish cynical A-Holes. They talk about learning but all their concerned about is an APP a day. Which is IMPOSSIBLE going against extravagant cancellation fees and super low cable prices. There are not even promotions which would sooth the playing field towards the competition. One commissional product is worth $2 Dollars. You are stressed in the morning to go out and atleast sell one of these products a day, which equals $10 dollars a week and when you get your check it only equals $8 dollars cause they take 20%.

You are placed into an environment that competition is you're only motivation. To not meet the standards is looked down upon yet they know very well whats going on out there. The people are self contradicting and unreasonable. Our mothergoose is Ana Guerra whom uses tough love to whip everyone into shape, which I have no objection towards but the fact that she's running a ship with no course. We're expected to be magicians pulling out magical APPs from the field by selling Verizon to the customer whom knows very well how the customer service and techs are such a head ache. We're told about how great the product is and yet know the truthful flaws to everything existent. The world of sales is just a game to be played and this company is another rapist on the field looking to RAPE you.

You're constantly perplexed every morning with words like "Don't be Created" "What it is that he sez" "No Tikki no laundry" "Cest la Vi" "F8CK Up" "its simplest as that" "Dont kit a kitter" What do these things mean and what do they have to do with Verizon. Training classes go at the speed of light. You have to litterly record it and play it back in slow motion to dictate it. Our trainer Natalia will be like Jim Carrey in Pet Detective and spew everything out in one breath.

On a serious note: when they hold grudges, they hold your app. If you call them out on something, they'll just hold your apps so you "F8ck up." This one guy had all his apps rejected b/c of some accused fraudlance and another was the misinterpretted number which was wrong. The commosion escallated so much they gave our Rep the famious "Cest La Vi" call off. I was told my App was cancelled when the customer totally had service. Just to have to pull it up in front of them and show them their error and play stupid. Dont trust the untrustable.

Offender: Face 2 Face
Country: USA   State: New York   City: New York
Address: 33rd Street
Phone: 2127369050
Site: www.f2fss.com

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