Rajen Upadhyay
Malignation and defamation suit

This is Dr Umesh ****,and i would like to draw the attention of the public to an individual Rajen Upadhyay who is the Professor of History at Namchi Government College,Namchi,Sikkim,This rather unobtrusive seeming person has caused untold harm to innocent citizens by his malicious behavior and comments on social networking sites causing untold harm without a shred of evidence to his claims.

As genuine as he may seem,I would like to warn the public to beware of such seemingly innocent characters who are diabolical in their intent. Alas nothing is what it seems to be,on further research we have found rather incriminating information about Rajen Upadhyay but we shall not take the road he has taken. We will not malign or defame him as he has done,we believe that we need not do such harm to any individual to procure justice.

Therefore we let it rest at this,just to make the innocent public aware that not everybody is what they seem to be!!

Offender: Rajen Upadhyay
Country: USA   State: All USA
Site: www.namchigovernmentcollege.page

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