Laceflair upa clip
Michelle laceflair Rip off using my photos unlegal Internet

Dear all lovers of hairextensions! Be careful, aka UPA CLIP hairextensions ponytail attachment , owner ; michelle laceflair is a total frawd and RIP OFF! There's many things that makes me say what I'm saying, but I will try to tell a long story short and to make an understanding out of it;

Well first of all I've been ordering hair in a spesific color, and she promised to give it to me. (I've been paying for it offcourse, and a whole lot of money too!) She told me that it takes time for the hair to come to Norway bcause the hair have to go thru certain processes to become the finest hair etc. That's ok, it will take maybe 2 months.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7 months went and I remember sending her many mails, some got answers - most of them not. yes,yes,yes you will get the hair... ( what, do I have to wait many years..??) Finally!!! I got the hair!! BUT WHAT?? IT WAS WHITE HAIR. I ordered golden blond light hair with highlights. Her excuse was " well, in the pictures of you it looks like this suits you too" or something like that. EXCUSE ME!! I told her what I wanted?!

So she said sorry and told me to send the hair back and she would get what I wanted asap! That's great! So as usual she uses a whole lot of more time sending the hair then she promises , but its ok - this time I got it right (after many emails...)

But here comes the part that I think truly was RIP OFF and no mistake! She wanted me as a hairmodel for her site! I gave her the before and after-photos and the deal was for her to give me a bodywave-ponytail back . She also talked about "aggressive marqeting in Norway" and she wanted me to front it!

So there the photos was on her site. And then I was only waiting for the great bodywave ponytail!! This happend at the same time as my first order of hairextensions, like I mentioned earlier. 2 years after , never got the hair!! And she has been using my photos on her site for 2 years before she now finally exepted to delete them after many, many, many e-mails!!!

She also have been having competisions were we help her marqeting her products, and shes suppose to send it in the mail. She's so polite! " Dear **** , congratulasions blablabla" And then ? Never gives what she promise... I've been reading many other rip off reports about this, and now I believe them! My advice; Do not buy from this site. Then you may end up with no products in the mail, no answers on e-mail and when she answers, she will simply lie e-mail after e-mail finding excuses! Don't get fooled by her polite way of talking, excuses and marqeting!!

Written by a sad and dissapointed customer from Norway.

Offender: Laceflair upa clip
Country: USA   State: All USA

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