Robert wilcox ripley
A liabilty upon honest consumers for prcecuting consumers by asking clerks and judgesin plain english to lie ,service of moving papers is the beginning

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The following parties named present a legal liability to citizens and consumers of California and nation wide

The local law firms of Ripley & Associates senior associate Robert Wilcox Ripley ist die nummer eins und order der groeste votzen Kopf das lauft auf dieser Grosse welt.

to present a legal fact in support of the introduction of such number one of legal liability upon consumers that never have been served with any moving paper and or due process because it is easier to bribe a common filing clerk then it is to blow your honor no matter the name of the judicial officer of the bench be it a commissioner making a special appearances and or be it a officer of the bench from the appeals div of thi judicial branch and or public entity the hon. Keith Davis comes to mind

the appointed and elected judges have a duty and such is mandatory{gov code sec 815.6}
if a officer of the court promises the ruling judicial office pleasure in return to l;e for this criminal actor and penal code sec 530 is a misdemeanor and the law must be obeyed by all cities and no exception because the citizen is 5.3 and sits on 4 pillow but wears the black rope and for at least 40 years of his life has been called Shorty ,midget hal;f pint
not to mentioned the bullies thru middle and high school .wherefore I dont have to be dr Sigmund Freud to diagnose a complex about being 5.3 and now is big based on the 4 pillows and the legal reasoning of such individual having the most powerful job in the state because he can do what he pleases because he openly showed it
I am a judge and I can do what I please because immunity is on the superior court judges side.

the commission of judicial performance claim to give the general public confidence in the court system .the following reasoning by such agency

the hon. john Gibson in Barstow who was once in Victorville and sells property in phelan that he must drive to Barstow because he pinched a teasing clerks ass ,that a attorney action on behalf the administrative office of the court and was council for the defendant superior court on 04.17.2006 in Barstow ,the hon. Gibson was the defendant and Sarah Overton was the counsel for the judicial branch

the hon. Gibson was drawling and she was a looker with a black mini and as female do not like quickies this running f a demurrer was no longer then 45 second and br the disrespectful performances by clerks named Flores a red hair clerk who if lived in the old days of Salem would be burned art the stake because the law said red hair females are evil well that is the same in the 20 th century an d Lori Flores is such evil citizen and all for Ripley I dont know what is her pleasure but is money she cares about ,her favored entry in the registrar of action were I was the victim of a crime but must get a court order from a civil judge for the Sherriff to take a police ce report the following cases will p[resent the fact that this clerk Flores is a moody female and perhaps is on pms 24 hr a day
Vcvvs 035744, civvs 800648, civvs 800649, civvs 800269 , civvs 8030546

her rulings were all the same no matter who was the ruler in a house ruled by a witch ,as she ruled off calendar motion is moot ,of calendar case is dismissed lack of prosecution
A judge who pinches a teasing clerks ass get a public warning but a judge that discharges his mandatory duty because Ripley is going to to asks the supervising judicial officer to lie for the defendant and grant Ripley the prosecutor a judgment for a criminal act committed the ruling officer of the bench smile is approved by staff attorney at such long named agencies that are always at meeting having coffee and chase caked and get well paid for such cushy job

the dates 10.30.2007 in case civvs 701752 or b e it on 010.31.2007 in case vcivs 039478 a case that was dismissed on 11.06.2006 but the hon. nakata in div 5 {criminal div told me to shut the f**k up because Ripley is going to blow me for this judicial favor of scheduling the 3rd court trial in a case dismissed ,that the hon. Davies also ruled in that case by r34moving himself from the case because on that day he was asked to remove himself that later he dismissed the appeal in favor of Ripley after he removed himself in the superior court

the date was 01.27.2012 the agency was the former VCGCB and the employee of such agency has th the title staff attorney III no name is listed based on the respect practiced by a citizen that is obligated to make a true statement ,that on 02.07.2012 Harvey more after v11 days presented th fact that the action by the Moore law group{7} complaints } ,the attorney for sacor la Juan wood that came and went back to the wood the supervising for sacor {8cmplains sand or formally operating for profit as nca {27 complains filed on this side with the main actor name is john Pugh operating as direct legal servixc3es and ha made a lot of consumers puke based n his denial of due process and or service upon a consumer 99 percent of his cases were disposed of default rulings 89n his favor and he only went like 5 times in Sacramento ./but his name is recorded in every superior cou of the state but never goes physically to court.

Here are some cases and o company that being represented by das grosse Asch loch Robert Wilcox Ripley in the Victorville branch of a superior court that uses ignorance as ts man legal defense

Nca /sacor
Harvey Moore
Eskano & Adler,
Bidna and keys
If one of these named cooperation for profit can make it the sell to
the other
I am not the only victim of Ripley and his is not who you know but it is who you blow
The names and parties named have all one think in common that the true fact makes them hostile .
To be continued based on real action with Equifax and employee of such bureau are presenting true facts that is conclusive and is not consumer friendly

Offender: Robert wilcox ripley
Country: USA   State: California   City: Victorville
Address: 14455 civc drive
Site: ripleyslaw .com

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