Daisy Li


Thanks for the inquiry. Got mail in regards to the GypsyVanner gelding horse up for sale, this is to let you know that the
horse is still available. He is called B, Please let me tell you some details about Benny, he lives with me under a shed of a
mix yard behind my home .Benny is 5 years old . Benny has been worked with from birth and has wonderful manners, ground, stable, and saddle. He has been trail-ridden extensively, and crosses water, Covered bridges, rides alone or with others.

Benny was trained to drive by me when he was just 2 year old. He is 15.0HH; he is very calm and adores playing with kids, adults, and other house-hold pets. He loves taking rides, he loves people and enjoys being groomed and
bathed. He does everything you asked of him.

We are presently here in Utah for a 9 months church project and we just rented a home here at 955 W Genesee Ave Apt M,Salt Lake City, UT 84104.We have plans on staying here for sometime. You are more than welcome to visit us at any moment. We are a very welcoming family. I am giving the horse up for sale because my 18yrs old daughter ( ColeTyra) who was taking care of him and make me breed him from when he was two months old but she (Cole) passed away Months ago through a car accident when she was on her way back from her piano classes and Im really tired of staying around with Benny. I thought having Benny always around me will replace the place of my daughter but it does not seem so and right now, Im willing to give out Benny to anyone that wishes to own a beautiful gypsy vanner horse like him. Moreover the occupying Nature of my job does not permit me to keep Benny and I will like to start a new life without
horses in my life again. Giving Benny out to another home will be a way of wipingCole's memories from my head which is making me disturbed each time I think of her. To sale Benny, I will like to know this from you.

Are you a breeder?
Have you had a horse before?
Will you be willing to send me some regular pictures of Benny so we can see his progress?
How soon will you want to have him transported to you if you find Difficulties to come for the pickup?
Have you own a horse before???
Have you any plans of owning him or to resell him to someone???
Where do you live that is your full names, state, city, postal code, home address, Phone numbers?

As for your further training of Benny, I will also be sending you some Basic guidelines to you via email, so that you follow as soon as he arrives you. If you have any more questions to ask, just let me know. I will also like to know when you will like to have him transported to you or you will come for his pick up. Do have a nice day and get back to me at your Convenience. Stay blessed like I said if I have to deliver him to you, he will be safe as he will come along with people who will take great care of him as he gets to your Home, Benny will just be so comfortable.

You are to pay just $1000 for Gypsy Vanner and his Transport charges to have him to your home address. Each time I try to give Benny out, I feel so bad and hurt due to my daughter's death now and all I wish for now is someone with good future of Benny. Sorry if this bothers you but I most tell you that I'm in tears already writing this mail. I will like to leave now, just get back to me. I had made arrangements in respect to Benny's delivery to you if we decide that you will become the new owner of Benny. So you need not be bothered about how to receive him if we choose you to own
him. I will be expecting to read from you soon. Please I will like to know more about you and your experiences with horses and how best you can provide Benny with the best home. Thank.I could always send
you pictures if you ask for

My regards and Stay Bless

Offender: Daisy Li
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 955 W Genesee, Apt M, Salt Lake City, Utah 84104
Site: daisy.li90@yahoo.com

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