Suntrust banks
Customer servc.put a fraud hold on my payroll chck,i work for a legal dept. and noone else @ my p.o.b had this happen,it wasnt there until i clld n a complaint,rep put hold onafter super.helpd me w/ p

Cust.serv.rep.put a FRAUD hold on my payroll chck,when i clld n a complaint about diff.issue,spoke with super.Sanchez,she hlpd w/prob.when i clld bck w/ ?? Concerng.issue REP.put the illegal fraud hold,b/c of my attitude,rep,very erognt,acted as if i knew nothng,I work for a legal co.has account w/ suntrust and all empl.chcks frm,noone@my p.o.b hv this hold ive never had this happen and hold wasnt placed until after conv.w/ rep..Previous Conv.w/super.Sanchez assured prev.prob.about acct.was resolvd.there was NO SUCH HOLD or before heated conv.w/ rep.w/ this is unacceptble.what is the reason to have a bank accnt.if when funds are be made avail.Rep.puts a nonexistng.hold on funds tht were deposited and confirmed by Super.Sanchez would be avail.when chck posts,every pay period i deposit same payroll chck frm same co.which happens to be a Legal Dept. this cannot be legal,i want to know the reason for such accusations after prev.prob.was solved and super.confirmed funds were to be day.Should i persue further legal action..

Offender: Suntrust banks
Country: USA   State: Georgia   City: Atlanta
Phone: 4049389474

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