Minc,Kamran Mahmood,Liar, Thief

I am a landlord and have read all the reports against this man, but we should all be wise and clever

shooting him is going a bit far, and we do not need to tell him what we are going to do, I am sure he and his wife are reading all of this, we need to be very smart and get things done legally without him knowing.

Kamran Mahmood needs to suffer for causing pain to every landlord,investor, ex worker,Pensioner Housewife,child.

I am probably very lucky as I reside in South Africa and was now unfortunate to meet him in SA

He came across as a bullshitter and I met him via an introducer called G Katz,

I purchased 2 flats in Streatham through his company MINC and I had problems from the day I completed.

Kamran Mahmood promised me that he would furnish them and let and mange them, but his sidkick Helen even said Kamran did things but did not tell his staff memebrs,and had to much control over his accounts dept.

I had problem after problem with Kamran not returning my emails or phone calls.

1/My HMRC Tax was never paid

2/He did not mange my flat properly.

3/Service charges were taken out of my rent and never paid to the service charge company.

4/Rent was always very late being paid over to me.

I got off lightly

I am very fortunate I now have a great Letting & Management Company, dont want to mention there name, as I have not asked their permission.

I would never trust this man with anything to do with property.

He comes across very open and jokey, but he also had 2 afffairs in South Africa and fathered a child.

He was a frequent flyer to SA for business, but he come over to his lady friends, and was know to be married.

Kamran Mahmood is the worst type of Criminal you could come across, he has no morals

To his Wife I beleive her name is Geti, apologizes for this information now, but you need to move away from this man,God knows how many more lies and affairs and people he has conned.

I will also be circulating usaconsumercomplaints.com re Kamran mahmood and Minc to everyonme I know in

South Africa.


Offender: Minc,Kamran Mahmood,Liar, Thief
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 222 Somerset Road,Wimbledon,London SW20,8HJ
Phone: 07974438488

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