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Won't refund credit card after runing my credit score New York

I am going through a scenario where sirius charged a credit card that had been expired for 10 months. By the time I found out about it on my credit report my credit rating had dropped from a 725 to a 622. I am currently under contract buying my first home, and this low credit score is virtually making it impossible to get a home loan. First time calling sirius, they wouldnt issue a refund due to the credit card being expired, even though they charged it without having the newer expiration date, they would not issue a refund without the newer expiration.

The lady I spoke with agreed to refund the amount, but tries to sell me on receiving a check in the mail. Obviously that wont work since the charges from the credit card wouldnt be resolved and dismissed as they promised they would doallowing me to contact the 3 credit bureaus with a letter from my credit card explaining the mishap on a card where I have never missed a payment. I pay my credit card company to overnight me a new card since they cant provide the newer expiration date over the phone, and it takes 7 10 business days via snail mail.AFter paying $30 for shipping, I received the new credit card the next day and called sirius back. I first called at 8:45 AM central, right when I arrived at work. After an
hour of explaining my situation to a subordinate, she informs me that a check was already issued. I about loose it since the anxiety of not being able to resolve this credit snapfu was through the roof prior to the call. I was transferred over to a supervisor. Said supervisor said that I was to be refunded money to the credit card, and that someone from new york main office would be calling me to handle this, since they were unable to process refunds without approval from corporate head
quarters. Total time spent on the phone = 1.5 hours. Believing the man, I waited till 5 PM. No call. I called back. After
being transferred 3 times, I got another supervisor who was adamant that Newyork would call me in the next two hours. Sure enoughno call. Total time on phone = 1 hour. In addition, the supervisor provided me with a case number, and I wrote it down. He also promised to watch the case to insure it was handled and resolved.
Today, I waited till 3 PM to call, and was told that there were no notes on the account related to the case number provided. I about had a heart attack. I explained the situation, and was put on hold for half an hour. The supervisor got on the phone, and was able to locate the notes on the file. He again offered to provide a check, and when I declined, he informed me that it may take up to 10 days for someone in New York to get in touch with me. Time on phone = 1.5 hours

For real, I have 5 k in earnest money down on my first home. I have 3 weeks to secure a home loan and really have no idea what to do if sirius doesnt refund my credit card so I can clear my name with the three credit bureaus. This is affecting my well being as well as my mental stability. And I thought the hard part was finding a decent home to want to move into that wasn't way over valued by the owner. This has been the most absurd thing I have ever had to deal with, and I wish they would stop lying and refund me the funds as they have promised repeatedly.

Offender: Sirius XM
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 1221 Avenue Of The Americas, 36th Fl.
Phone: 2125845100

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