Mann Marketing Group
Worldwide Vision, Bullet 360, Future Innovations, etc. SELLING COUPONS, Advertise as no door-to-door sales, this company has all the characteristics of scammers

I absolutely do not mind applying for a COUPON COMPANY if I know up front that is what they do. After research this is what I have came to conclusion.

1) The original company is from Raleigh NC

2) They do not tell you upfront you will be selling coupons for like 90% off retail value. Is there something wrong with coupons Mr. Company. While this may be legitimate, still confused as to why they would not be upfront about this!!?? Plus, To hold 6-7 interviews that is kinda weird & unheard of.

3) In about 8 months a few select people become Account Managers to have "your own market, be your own boss" (I am assuming as an independant contractor) That is when the new Account Manager creates a new Business name.

*Check out these websites:,,

*Check out these facebook pages:go to first then click on the facebook icon, Click on Photos: you will see some people tagged, then click on them, some have "Account Manager with Worldwide Vison, Future Innovations, Bullet360 (Bullet 360 has pictures of the "Promotions" aka "coupons" offered.

I am neither positive or negative with this company. I just feel they should be more upfront with a detailed description of the job duties, instead of vague and fuzzy.

Offender: Mann Marketing Group
Country: USA   State: Tennessee   City: Johnson City
Address: 112 East Myrtle Avenue, Suite 507
Phone: 9198967622x301

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