Well, I am writing this to warn you this company ....Although I did not pay any money, but the way he acted was a little funny, so may be you can be aware and check by self if you think what I am saying is right or not.

His name was Frank and he contacted me on the phone first, then He seems to be a really nice guy and we talked a lot on the phone.

On the web site, they say they would accept the paypal payment, so I asked I want to use paypal.. then he said his comopany's paypal account is full as the Chinese government limits the amount of payapl trading to $50,000 which was sort of true and not true. So he asked me to pay by Western Union instead which I did not as even Western Union said not to pay to the people you do not know...especially to purchase the products.

Then I contacted paypal if what he said was true or not, and they say they can contact him and find out about it from him..... I asked him to tell me his paypal address, so they can contact him but he kept saying the account is full, and use western union as he thinks paypal has many problems..

At this moment, I do not even know if he is real or not, but at least paypal will cover your payment if you do not receive the products, so I would use it to be on the same side.

One more thing was, when I asked him about other scam web site, he sent me a link on this website to check it..Huhu.... which made me think...why this guy knows usaconsumercomplaints.com ???? May be there is reason for him to check this site....

Overall, I thought it was funny experience, so I thought I would post it..but if he runs real business, I do see the reason why he can not tell me his payapl account. That was all I asked at the end........

Country: USA   State: Fujian   City: Xiamen
Address: 8 Jiahe Road
Phone: 8615659193169
Site: www.iphonefactories.com

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