U.S. Government Grant Dept
U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, Tracy Cooper Claimed to want to give $7000 grant to me from US Govt, wants to direct deposit to bank acct

Just received a call from Caller ID (Unknown Name) claiming to be the US Govt Grant Dept. The woman on the other end of the line had a heavy Middle Eastern accent. She had my name (and obviously phone number) and claimed that I'm the lucky recipient of a $7000 govt grant. Why she said....because you have been a good US citizen that has paid taxes on time, has not declared bankruptcy, etc.... So the govt randomly picks from these quality people names and phone numbers to generously give $7000 grant. She claimed no strings attached, you never owe the money back, and you won't have to pay taxes on the grant money. (Suspicion #1!!)

I was skeptical, and once again asked her who she was with and her name. After coaxing she said her name was Tracy Cooper (unlikely given her accent). She went on with her speech, saying I could receive my grant in as little as 45 minutes via electronic wire transfer to my account (suspicion #2 - I'm not giving out my bank acct #!) I said exactly that, and said why don't you send me a check....because it's traceable that's why! She said they don't have time for that, and people claim that they never received the checks, so they need to wire it to an acct or can place it on a credit card...(again I'm not giving out any personal info). While this conversation was going on, I googled: US Govt Grant Dept...and found reports on this site with the same exact scam. So, I told her I;m not going to give you any personal information, you have to give me more information to convince me that you really are the govt...she gave me the 200 W. Independence address...I stopped there, probably Washington DC. She got frustrated with me questioning her, and told me she has many others on the line waiting for their grant money and she doesn't have time to convince me! So I told her, I see this same exact scam online....and then she freaked and started cursing on the phone...saying we're not an f*%$ing scam...I said excuse me, did you just cuss on the phone to me from the " US Govt"???? The Govt wouldn't do that....I said, then she rattled off a tirade and I said I'm reporting you, and hung up! Don't give them any personal info. News flash, the US govt is broke and in serious debt, they aren't giving out free grant money!!!

Offender: U.S. Government Grant Dept
Country: USA   State: District of Columbia
Address: 200 W. Independence

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