Prize Research Intelligence Agency
PRIA Well, it seems again that the PRIA ripoffs are still up to their lame tricks.

I just received the same letter that everyone else is complaining about. Yes, the same letter that promises a pending cash
disbursal in the amount of $2,342,000.00. Then I saw the lame, played-out check with the fake signature. My two-year old could have done better. Then the supposed "claims coordinator" tells me to sign the bottom and send it through the mail with a $20 money order or check before 09/18/11, midnight. Sure, I'll send the money when pigs sprouts wings and fly! Prize Research Intelligence Agency, may you burn in h**l for robbing decent Americans out of their hard earned money!
Why can't something be done about this company with all the complaints?

Offender: Prize Research Intelligence Agency
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Miami
Address: PO Box 527800, Miami, FL 33152-7800

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