Teleperformance ASD
Terrell the recruiter, Duplicity in Hiring for non-existent jobs

After living in Nevada for 3 decades where there is now a real unemployment rate of 25%, I moved to Central Floriduh to help out with a terminally ill parent. Needing gainful employment, I applied for a "work at home" position with Teleperformance advertised at Career Builder on March 7th because local jobs in Tampa, Orlando or Lakeland would be a minimum 1.5 to 2 hour commute every day. After looking for 2 months, this 'less than minimum wage' [based on 1968 minimum wage adjusted for inflation] Customer Service Rep position seemed to be about all that was available to me despite having an MBA from the 2nd highest rated private university in the Northeast [US News and World Report].

After sending my resume through career builder and spending 3 hours completing an 'online personality test', the Interview process prior to being offered the position also included a 'PC Audit', and DSL speed test, and after offered the position during the phone interview on March 13, I had to sign off on background check, get a drug test, sign a confidentiality agreement, have tax forms notarized, sign a statement agreeing to accept the unlivable, substandard pay scale, spend 2 hours completing their 'on line' job application and then send all the documentation to teleperformance for review in pdf format before mailing it to them.

Offender: Teleperformance ASD
Country: USA   State: Louisiana   City: Shreveport
Address: 7562 Southgate Blvd, North Lauderdale, FL 33068
Phone: 18007314357

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