Swiss Sciences
E-Global Trading Scam Artists and Ciminals

Swiss Sciences/E-Global Trading is run by the biggest scam artists and criminals out there. These Scientologists have no morals. They do not pay their employees state mandated over-time pay, or even what they are worth. When questioned about what they owe they will try to find any excuse not to pay.

They had sent some ex employees checks for their over time which had equaled on $70 dollars and $275.... the ex employee who received a 70$ check and said this is what they were owed for over time estimated about 20 hours a week in overtime each week. The employee who was paid $275 for their overtime was due around $800..... they are still attempting to find ways around paying what they owe thier ex-employees.

When a statement was made they had tried to lie and say that due to filing exempt from federal taxes that it meant that they were not owed any over-time...Liars! Filing exempt on your W4 from a federal tax with holding does not give any company the right to deny an employee from being payed time and a half for over time worked over 40 hours.

The Department of Labor has been contacted as well as The Department of Hourly Wages Tampa Division. Several reports have been filed along with attorneys and the Media being contacted. What this company does to their employees and ex employees is just wrong. They should be shut down for good.

Offender: Swiss Sciences
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Clearwater
Address: 400 Cleveland Street Suite 800
Phone: 7274611070

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