Jessica Mellin
Legends Farm & Kennel AKC Staffordshire - BEWARE - PLEASE READ!!

First let me start by saying I would have rather had two healthy puppies than experience what we have and had to take these steps to prevent it from happening to other people. We are hoping to find our puppies siblings or anyone who has bought from Jessica to warn them of the potential parasite or other illness/disease their dog may have. We are just warning people to use caution and if you have one of her dogs get him/her tested. Below is our story:

We contacted Jessica via on 3-7-11. She responded telling us about the three female puppies she had available. Over the next few days we emailed and texted back and forth both asking & answering questions.

To us everything seemed good so we set up a day & time to make the trip to MI from WI on March 11, 2011.

During our conversations we expressed how we wanted to be able to choose from the three females and that we may choose two. Two days prior to us leaving to make the trip Jessica informed us that someone was coming that Saturday to purchase one of the females we were interested in. I told Jessica that we would not be coming as I had expressed how we wanted to choose from the three. Jessica told me well since your coming on Friday youll get here before the other family anyway. (I should have saw that as a red flag!) So traveling the 7 hrs to get there in the horrific traffic we arrived at Jessicas home where we visited with Jessica, her family, the parents and puppies. While bringing each puppy out separately (we were expecting 3) Jessica informs us that the family came the night before and bought the other female we were interested in so they added a female they were going to keep so we would still have three to choose from, yet this is not the puppy we were interested in prior. And we received no phone call, text or email informing us of this change prior to driving this distance. Jessica knew if she told us we would not come.

Although disappointed my husband and kids still wanted to see the puppies. After doing temperament testing we decided on two puppies. One of which was larger than the other and had quite the belly on her. Jessica told us she was just chubby. We stayed in a hotel that night and the puppies did very well except their stools were soft. Not runny or anything just a little soft. I know this can be due to stress so I didnt think anything of it. After getting them home on Saturday everything seemed normal. They were active, ate well in fact acted like they were starving all the time. I took them to our vet that day to have them checked. He looked them over and examined them and said they looked good. After a couple of weeks we noticed that one of the puppies was looking thin and the larger one was loosing weight also. I took them back to our vet and took in stool samples to find out that they did not have worms but there was a lot on undigested food in the stools. Also in the records Jessica had given us she had dewormed them 5 times within a 7 week time frame. And also had
treated them with Metronidazole & Amoxicillin. During all of our conversations, texting and even while at her home nothing was said about this treatment. This drew a red flag for my vet. First he said these puppies were dewormed too many times and that on top of the Metronidazole & amoxicillin treatment was too much for little puppies that is caused ulcers in their digestive tract and their bodies were not able to get the nutrients from the food that it was just passing right through them. He advised me to put them on a bland diet and once the stools were firm bring in a sample and he would run a Giardia test as that is what Metronidazole is used to treat. They also both had urinary tract infections. Jessica had given the puppies baths right before we got there - now I know why. Later that day I called Jessicas vet she had listed to inquire about what they were treated for. The lady on the other end of the phone asked for a last name in which I gave her Jessica Mellin. She proceeded to ask about what the puppies names were so I gave her the names she had given them while they were with her. She then proceeded to tell me about the 3rd set of vaccines they supposedly had (which couldnt have as they were with us on that date). When I questioned her and called out to my husband to ask him she then proceeded to say Oh is this Deanna and when I said yes she stated This is Jessica. We had no idea she worked at her vets office and why the cover-up when inquiring about the care our puppies had had. We then found out that the puppies were never seen by the vet - Jessica is self diagnosing & treating these dogs without a vet license. When I confronted Jessica about the treatment she stated we had a lot of standing water in our backyard so I treated everyone as a precaution As the conversation went on and Jessicas story changed I became so frustrated that I hung up on her. Within 15 minutes I started receiving text messages from Jessica. One stating that her husband had bought a pet store puppy who had Giardia so she treated the puppies to be safe. Ok - another story - what is the truth? I was extremely upset because Jessica knew we had kids and the kids had been playing with the puppies and letting them lick them, etc. When I expressed that to Jessica her response was that it was not her responsibility to tell me the info, I should have looked at the records and asked. Also that my kids would have to eat the puppies poop to get Giardia. No they do not and this shows Jessicas lack of knowledge. Giardia can be transferred via mouth if the puppies had eaten the poop or if they step on it and then touch an open wound. There are several ways to get Giardia. In another text she stated that Giardia is a common problem and is easily treated. In 20 yrs of showing and breeding I have NEVER had Giardia nor known anyone that has.

Then the mother of all text messages came when Jessica called me crazy and said You act like this is brucellosis or something. Giardia is a parasite, not a disease. Im not denying they have it. I just treated my dogs for it. Another text - I did share. Thats why I handed you the records for each puppy. It is the buyers responsibility to look at it before buying. I didnt find out that ugly westie had it til he had been gone a month. Then the whining text messages came like I hope youll open your heart when this all blows over. Is she kidding me??? I have two puppies with ulcers in their digestive tracts, urinary tract infections, and possibly Giardia.

Offender: Jessica Mellin
Country: USA   State: Michigan   City: Southfield

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