Nancy Boyer
Nancy Boyer Nancy Boyer is known for slander and defamation of character to those whom do not choose to do business with her.

In March of this year I listed my thoroughbred mare "Classical Edge" for sale on multiple websites. Nancy had contacted me, and was interested in buying my mare. At the time, Nancy sounded like a great home for her.

When I tried to make arrangements to schedule a time for Nancy to come look at my mare for sale, she informed me she did not have a vehicle (first red flag). I really liked the position that my mare would be in, so I drove the 22.4 miles to pick Nancy up and take her to my place to look at my horse. Nancy clicked with my horse and wanted to make arrangements for purchase.

Excited that my mare had sold, I granted Nancy's wishes of getting something to eat and drove her another 5 miles to a diner. Nancy had wanted to make payments, but because I was selling my horse for less than a third of her value I would not do so (second red flag). Over our meeting she wrote me a deposit check of $50 to not show my mare to some potential buyers who were coming in that next day and to hold her for a few days. It was known that this deposit did not hold my mare for an extended period of time.

After our meeting I began to drive her home another 22.4 miles. She then asked me if I could stop by HEB so she could grab something real quick (third red flag). I was in the parking lot waiting for 40 minutes when she came out with a large amount of groceries to load in my car. I then continued to drive her back to her house and helped her unload her groceries. I did all of this for her and she still considers me a fraudulent person. She owed me well over $50 in gas alone that unfortunately I did not mention.

I talked to her on the phone later that week and she did not have a place for my mare, or the money to buy her (fourth red flag). I gave her a little more time. A few days later I had a woman come look at my mare with a trailer to pick her up and her full purchase price in cash. As Nancy had not pulled through with the remaining amount, and did not have a place for my horse to stay, it was an obvious sale.

Even though Nancy was NOT entitled to her very small deposit of $50, I contacted her to try and get an address to send it back to her. All I got was a full voice message box, a turned off phone, and no returned emails. Figuring we had moved on, I didn't worry about it.

Being a person WITH A JOB I am very busy and did not have time to take down all of the ads that I had placed or mark them as sold. Nancy then begins to slander my name stating that I was still selling my mare and taking peoples' deposits (which she assumed was the case since I had not gotten around to taking the ads off of the internet or mark them as sold). This is not the case being that my mare has been gone and sold now for over a month, and I did not receive any deposits from any other potential buyer. I sold her to a wonderful woman who would love to talk with anyone who needs proof of purchase. We also have a contract. Nancy does not have any proof of her accusations.

Beware of Nancy Boyer, when business does not go her way she tries to slander and falsely accuse you. She is a woman hurt by the economy and will do anything to make anyone else hurt too. She needs to know that she can not falsify the facts in order to try and get revenge when things don't go her way. Do not do business with her. She has property in Luling and lives with her boyfriend Jesse who lives in San Marcos which is where she was last seen.

Offender: Nancy Boyer
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Luling/ San Marcos
Address: Luling & San Marcos
Phone: 5125577086

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