Bryan Wetherall, Wetherall Roofing and Contracting, Inc.; Wetherall Contracting of NY Inc.
Thief, liar deadbeat who works from home to avoid responsibility for his obligations companies with judgments against this thief and his wife's company Wetherall.

Bryan (Brian) Wetherall of Wetherall Roofing and Contracting Inc and Wetherall Contracting of NY goes out to steal from companies that worked for his projects, knowing that most states protect the home from seizure. This nation has become a land of thieves who know that the law is a sham and there are thousands of ways to cheat your way into an income you do not deserve. The laws protect deadbeats in many ways, time has come for the corporation and other protective umbrellas to be modified.

It is time for would be thieves to know that these United States are running with laws that are in some cases over a hundred years old and never anticipated the ruses and cheating ways of debtor degenerates such as Bryan Wetherall.

Know that this cheat will rob you blind and if you do business with him or his sham of a company you will be hurt. This amoral bastard has no intention of paying anyone until he is ready, meaning whatever construction, plumbing or any other work you do will probably never be paid to you.

Beware of Bryan Wetherall Brian Wetherall. Do not attempt to leave any messages for this bum because he makes sure his mailbox is always full and cannot accept a message. If you call his regular land line you will reach a raggedy voice mail message from his wife, partner in crime.

We are leading a national movement to stop deadbeats in their tracks and require personal guarantees for any credit companies want to obtain, especially those working out of their house.

Offender: Bryan Wetherall, Wetherall Roofing and Contracting, Inc.; Wetherall Contracting of NY Inc.
Country: USA   State: New York   City: Middle Village
Address: 83-12 Penelope Avenue
Phone: 9175773349

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