Marsha stanfordamc
Skinned to the bone. scammed to the penny.Creative manipulator with associates of very fatalistic m.o.s will sweet talk you to the 100 times and will not stop until money is sent. Be forwarned. Demand St Mary

For all the months and money I was made to believe as an investment to date have turned my whole life upside down. 53 years of hard work down the drain because of a man called Rohan Deares, a merchant banker Rodney Drummond, Delvin Samuels a woman associate Taneshia Small all these individuals have not only railroaded me but bulldozed me to the ends of the earth sweet honey words and assurances and guarrantees won't let you be, Bergged for personal needs, family needs and to top it bail money ,work permit fee and all the delights to maintain a well supported personal schemes and agenda..courtesy of american money corporation.

Send payment for anything you can imagine, reasons beyond what you can imagine. Well versed in the schemes of scamming to the tune of $100.000.00 dollars. The latest marsha stanford so-professed daughter of Allan Stanford customer service,share holder in the company and spokesperson for the company demanded final payment for the package, lwith delivery within the hour, was assertive and guarranteing her action as a position holder of AMC. recieved the money.. low and behold no delivery no contact except the constant barrage of calls fro her telemarketer Rohan Deares her honey talking representative who have daily barraged of phone calls demandeding for more required payments even to the penny-annie amount won't stop until money is sent.

The cycle goes clockwork demand for payment, recieved disappear and calls back after a few days with all sort wild tales of excuses.Beware of these individuals specially Mr. Rohan Deares he can sell ice to an eskimo you will melt with his great friendly persuassion, beware if you get his gull he uses obcenities and the like then apologizes.

April 14, marsha stanford calls and now offered a deal but another payment must be made first because of government requirement seconded and guided along by Deares.Made an offer, low and behold ...good approach I hesitated knowing their history but because of what I have gone through these scamming group I took the plunge with fear in myheart. They all disappeared to date.

The paradise is my sink hole so if all my experiences and sufferings will help others to stay away from any sweet talking person you will be better off to keep and enjoy all what you got. I pray the government IRS get hold of all these offshore scams and prosecute these criminals/the focus must be on Jamaica the haven of scammers , no matter what is promised don't ever believe them for the victims like me pass the word beware they are too smart donot even listen they will skin you alive. You will wish you never heard of them. Too many names and telephone numbers are used by these individuals. There are too many heartaches to even put them all on this my plea..we, victims must get justice .If nothing else heed all what you read on this medium of voicing out report it.American Money Corporation and all the individuals I mentioned need to be investigated for justice must prevail.their numbers: area code: 876, 3488866,8643717,4622568,8916215,3922305,2770147,8437821 the money machine numbers.

Offender: Marsha stanfordamc
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 24 market street
Phone: 8768974362

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