John Kochis Custom Designs
Unscrupulous, Cheap, Non-Faithful, Dis Loyal, Shady, Rip-Off, Dis Honorable, Bad Workmanship, Un Professional, Slow, Bad Reputation

This man is a WHINNING, big mouth, and he thinks he is the greatest. He thinks he is above everyone. He has poor workmanship in his so called "design studio/ dungeon" in an old ass building that he can't even afford to pay his own lease, he has to share it with something called GRM, whatever that is? He doesn't stand by his workmanship, he is slow, lies, and he changes prices depending on what he "feels" like charging you that day. He looks at what you wear, and what kind of watch you have on. Then takes it upon himself to either scam you, if he thinks you have money, and then overcharges you. This man needs to return to the supermarket he came out of.

I don't understand why people think they are so much better than other people. I actually overheard a conversation outside his door talking about what schmucks his customers are to pay his prices. I couldn't believe my ears. I am a well-to-do business person that actually just started to use this person in the past 3 years, and now i find out he's been scamming me all along by over billing me. How do we allow people like this to get away with the things they do? I'm sure he even cheats on his wife! There's is no difference with these kind of people. A cheater, a liar, a scammer, or just a plain thief. Then I brought one of my ties back, because it was ripping, and he wouldn't even stand by his work. No warranty or anything. He showed me some kind of fabric and then wanted to charge me again for the tie. I only wish that a person like this gets the karma he deserves. Best of like A**HOLE!

Offender: John Kochis Custom Designs
Country: USA   State: New York   City: New York
Address: 37 W 35th St # 702
Phone: 2122446046

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