Lisa Urich
Psychic,gypsy she took 7500 usd from me "for the work",noting ever changed but she wanted another 3500 usd!!!

I came to Lisa last year,jobless,desperate.She told me that I have been cursed and that for 283usd,and nothing more,she said everything will be great.A couple of days later she asked me to carry around my waist 2000usd,next day she said that I have to give her that money,for"the work" and if I want,a bad luck will continue in my life.I gave her and I was so gratefull to her that she cares about me,that she is trying to help me out.She said that we need more money for the work,because the darkness around me is to great and suggested that I borow more money,

I told her I cannot do that so she offered to borrow the money from the church,another 5ooousd and I had to promise to give her back.Actually I got the job in a few days and next 2 monts all my money went to LISA URICH.One time I was sending half of the money via western union to her son CHRISTOPHER URICH in HARAHAN,LOUISSIANA and the other time,other half to her husband RICKY JOHNSON in Fort Lauderdale,Florida.She also asked me to give her some money for gastricc surgery,I didnt have,luckily.

Then she wanted to ask my family for the mioney,I didnt let her.But I still trusted her dearly,until when I send that 5000 usd shortly she has asked me for another 3500usd!And I know that she wouldnt stop on that.Now,almost a year later,yes I have a job,did she helped me to find a job,I dont think so,for sure she has sensed that the job is coming,so why not to milk every penny from me,wright?Please be aware of that monster,aldo she might have a sight,her biggest talent is to rip off every last dollar she can from sad,desperate people.

Offender: Lisa Urich
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Fort Lauderdale
Address: Andrews Avenue
Phone: 9544679217

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