Biltmore Who's Who
Credti Card Phishe

After receiving a "free" registration link via e-mail, and responding to what would be a free listing in Biltmore Who's Who, I received a call the following day by a very smooth talking sales lady who was kind enough to stroke my ego very well. In the background, I was able to hear many other calm talkers running through the same sales pitch, all in very calm tones. This was the first clue that I was beeing boiler-roomed.

The pitch was good, and I opted for the Platinum Lifetime listing. Really good for the ego, but not so good for the pocketbook. The $795 price tag seems a bit steep, but a leather bound book, acceptance letter and two airline vouchers for any airline to any destination seemed like good deal, especially with no experation date. My mind was thinking of a vacation that I so much need. I nearly ignored the fact that I was being read to from a script.

With the Federal Express shipping, the total was $818 and change, with $199 deferred. After providing my credit card information, expiraiton date first, I was ultimately asked for the CVN three digit code on the back of the card. I took the time to inform the sales rep that the code was designed for e-commerce authorizatons, and was not required for a telephone purchase. She was concilliatory and told me that she was always asked to get the CVN code, and I gave it to her.

As part of the wrap up, I got additonal details about the non-expiring vouchers, which had to be used to stay at a member resort at full price, and that there were some restrictions. I did not get this until after the credit card information was provided.

Waking up at 0300 hours, I decide to contact my bank who had yet to receive the charge, and close the account. Problem solved.

Short Version? If they ask for the CVN code, hit the dump button.

Offender: Biltmore Who's Who
Country: USA   State: All USA

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