Acquirent, LLC
Kept my final commission check

First let me preface this report by saying that the company as a whole is not a bad company. A sales company that over promises and under delivers, but not malicious in its intent. That being said, when an employee works, s/he is entitled to the compensation promised him/her.

Being an outsourced sales company, they have teams of sales people on almost 15 accounts. While not all the accounts were horrible to sell for, the Constellation NewEnergy team was a joke. Quotas were set absurdly high, despite the over-saturated markets we were selling into. The turnover rate on this team was ridiculous; a revolving door. During a one month span, five people were hired, and all five quit.

When I left the company for a better opportunity, I had one deal for which I was awaiting my commission. Unfortunately, due to the timing of said opportunity, I was unable to give a two week notice. I tendered my resignation, apologized profusely and we parted ways.

When it came time to collect my final commission check I was told I forfeited my commission by not giving a two week notice. In all fairness, this policy is listed in the employee handbook. That being said, where is it acceptable in this country to keep an employee's wages for not supplying a two week notice, barring a contractual agreement, which we did not have?

I have since filed a complaint with the Illinois Department of Labor and am waiting to see what happens. I'm not optimistic, but I refuse roll over and let a multi-million dollar company steal $400 from me without a fight.

Ultimately, I would just like to warn people about working for a company that is so petty they would rather go through the ordeal of fighting the Dept. of Labor, than just paying the money that is rightfully mine. The Constellation NewEnergy team there is laughable and they prey on the desperate. If offered the position, DO NOT TAKE IT!!!

Offender: Acquirent, LLC
Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Evanston
Address: 1840 Oak Ave, Ste 320

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