Jim Diamond
Transmitting Assets Another Foreclosure Rescue "free and clear" Scam

I went to a meeting where Some lady spoke about the bank's fraudulent activity. She told the people in the crowd that this program would erase the debt and give us our home back "free and clear". She said that over 150 people had successfully gone through the program

I paid the Transmitting Assets company $7,000 dollars for them to do this "free and clear process for me.

I knew something was wrong when the paperwork I was supposed to sign was full of misspelled words. Twice they had someone else's name on my paperwork.

After I complained Trish started showing up late for the appointments they had set up for me (3 hours one time and 6 hours another time). Then she started to miss appointments altogether. They were constantly calling me to change appointments.

I found out later that most of the filings they were supposed to be doing on my behalf were never done. My friend searched the county records for me and found that only some of the papers I had sign were ever filed. Who knows what happened to the rest.

I paid them over $2,000 additional dollars for notary fees and filing fees. I complained to Trish, the office manager and my notary person, about this over and over. One day she became downright rude and refused to talk to me without an appointment.

I made an appointment to speak with Jim Diamond about this and he didn't show up, twice. I tried to make another with him and was told I had to bring 1 silver dollar or he would not meet with me.

My house was sold at auction and I went to them about this and they told me that there was nothing they could do. I asked about the program and they told me that once the house has gone to sell the program didn't work.

I went to them and asked for my money back and they said no. I asked why and they said they didn't give refunds. I said but your program didn't work! they said they would try something else but since then they haven't returned my calls.

I found out later that others had lost their homes because Jim Diamond's program didn't work. There was one guy named Gonzales(?) who told me that he has lost 4 houses and that Jim Diamond and Trish wouldn't/couldn't help him. Another nice older lady told me that she had lost her house too because of Jim and he wouldn't help.

From my count there has been about 20 people who have been in the Jim Diamond program who have lost their homes and was unable to get them "free and clear" like he promised.

Do not give your money to Jim Diamond, he is a complete ripoff. he won't return your calls, misses appointments and ducks you every chance he gets.

He drives around in a big fancy car but doesn't have the time to help the people who gave him money.

Do not give your money to Jim Diamond he is going to rip you off.

Offender: Jim Diamond
Country: USA   State: California   City: Riverside
Address: 3147Durahart St
Phone: 9516800727
Site: don't have one

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