irrational & evil

word of advise, never log in from a public computer. they will claim you are attempting fraud. Evidently 10, 000's of ISPs, bank accts & phone # are on a secret hit list that automatically disallows any usage.

Neighbor with Amazon acct, set one up for her mother in iowa. since some of the entry data came form her ISP, Amazon took the stance that she was opening a fraud acct. & not only would not allow her mother to have actt but closed the other one. explanation, since she had an acct, a second one was fraud.

friend of son opened one for girl friend using computer at school -- same result. since he used his cell phone in parents name, his mother's account was also closed out. & since they lived in an apartment, they learned later, that triggered several other with "same address" to also be closed out. at least that seemed to be the trigger.

Are they totally insane or just evil. They will never tell you why either. They are in Canada, so maybe we need a federal ban on them totally.

Offender: Amazon
Country: USA   State: All USA

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