Raymour & Flanigan

I bought a mattress from Raymour&Flanigan living on a s.s.fixed income of $795.00 I'd not been sleeping well so I was delighted when I bought and paid for what I was sure was a luxurious commercially advertised mattress I would be able to sink into and get a wonderful nights sleep. That is not my story. Raymour&Flanigan was to remove mu current bedding as long as it had no stains and replace it with my new bedding. I sunk into my newly delivered mattress 9/27/12. I woke up with what I thought was a rash. I called my doctor who told me to come in that next morning. he told me it was not a rash but was consistent with bed bug bites. My heart sank. This was the beginning of my nightmare that has lasted to date. I called Raymour&Flanigan the woman I spoke with is a customer service rep named Margaret Datota who informed me Raymour&Flanigan has never had a complaint or issues with bed bugs. That was the first lie. Ms. Datota received several e-mails from me and asked when I had a licensed exterminator inspect, she would be glad to work with me in resolving the issue. This was the second lie. The management company had an exterminator come to my home without doing an inspection and spray nothing more than roach spray. I hired an outside exterminator I paid $65.00 to do an inspection who found bed bugs which he told me to put in a jar in my freezer. When I gave Ms. Datota this information she said to me she'd called the exterminator and he told her he found bed bugs on the frame of my bed which is a platform bed and there is nothing she can do. I, in turn called the exterminator with a third-party witness to the conversation on the phone and he said he'd told Ms Datota he found one lone bed bug on the frame ans one bed bug on the mattress/box spring. Raymour&Flanigan has the practice of removing old bedding and switching it out with new bedding. can Raymour&Flanigan say without a doubt bed bugs could be transferred by this practice or by the delivery men who handle these old mattresses? I live in surrogate housing and the agecy which houses me confirmed in a letter to Raymour&Flanigan I'd never had an issue with bed bugs the five years I've been a resident with the agency until I bought this bed from raymour&Flanigan. Ms. Datota said to me "the prevelance of bed bugs in the Bronx is high so, I probably picked up the bed bugs in my travels". When then could it not possibly be I got themfom Raymour&Flanigan? I looked up Raymour &Flanigan on-line involving bed bugs. My story is not unique. Raymour&Flanigan shoul either chage the practice of removing old bedding there by putting their customers at risk or, get out the business completely!

Offender: Raymour & Flanigan
Country: USA   State: New York   City: New York
Site: customerservice@raymour---amp;flanigan.com

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