Costello, King & Associates
Company Fraud & Scam

Costello, King & Associates, 11856 Balboa Blvd., 336 Granada Hills, CA 91344
DO NOT USE THIS SO CALLED “COLLECTION AGENCY” . They are not in business to collect money for you. They are in the business to get money form you for their company. They are a bunch of fast talking con-artist….. If any person from this company calls you, hang up on them. They will start out telling you that if you have a situation that someone owes you money that they can collect it for you and that you will not have to pay anything until they collect the money and that it will only be a small percentage of what they collect for you. They will go a few days, calling every couple of days telling you that everything is looking good for the collection…. But then they will tell you that the person that you need to collect money from has a large bank account in another state. In order to collect your money they will have to turn it over to a company called “Express Case Forwarders, Inc” and they will get an attorney to get money from that account but in order to do this they will need x amount of money…… If you send the money they will call you back and tell you that the person owing you money somehow found out that they know about the bank account and that they are trying to move the money. If they move the money, they will not be able to get the money out and that they are going to have to freeze the account so they can keep the money from being moved. In order to do this and to make sure that they can get to the money, they need more money and that they were at the point that it will not take months or weeks but a matter of days before you get paid. They also tell you that this money that you are sending them will be added to the amount that you are seeking and that it will be part of the percentage that they would be collecting for us, since we would be able to get at least 3 times the amount that we are seeking. When the money is sent, which amounts to thousands, you never hear from them again. When you call and ask for the person that you have been talking to, they say that he is not there. When you finally call and demand your money back, the receptionist gets irate and tells you that you need to read your contract, which states that you cannot get a refund. This company needs to be forced to close their doors and the people that work for them need to be put in jail. They are taking money from people who trust them to do a job and they do nothing.

When we sent Costello, King & Associates the money they told us that they would give all the information that they had to Express Case Forwarders. In talking to Express Case Forwarders, we found out that Costello, King & Associates did not give them any of the information that they gave us. They gave them old addresses and did not say anything about the bank account in the other state.

There will probably be a response to this review from Costello, King & Associates, saying that it takes time to get the money. That is the response that I am seeing from others who they have ripped off and have written negative reviews on them. Don’t believe that either. It has been over a year since they turned it over to Express Case Forwarders and they keep putting us off saying that they had the wrong address and they filed in the wrong county and each time they say they will have to start over and that it will take several more months They are telling me now that they will have to give the person 6 more months to respond to a demand that they filed. At the end of 6 months we will be going on almost 3 years…..

As of this date, we have paid this company $4,250.00. We have received $0.00. We are requesting a full refund since they committed fraud in telling us that there was a bank account in another state and that they needed this money to freeze the account. There was no bank account…….


Offender: Costello, King & Associates
Country: USA   State: California   County: USA   City: Granada Hills   Zip: 91344
Address: 11856 Balboa Blvd.

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