Joanne Ventura
Unethical Lawyrs

I hired Joanne Ventura in 1998 to represent me in a divorce. I felt that I was given a good settlement and would be protected in the future. 3 Years later, my ex took early retirement and filed to have his alimony reduced. Not being an attorney, I had no idea that proper procedure was not followed by Joanne Ventura or his attorney. No attempt to have him disclose his financials was made with the exception of a piece of paper stating his pension was $4,000 a month. I disclosed my income tax return which showed my daughters social security (I am disabled) in the amount of $7,440 a year. This ended the following year. I wasn't aware this was coming as I was in treatment for PTSD, depression, anorexia and dissociative identity disorder due to dealing with the damage of 18 yrs of sexual abuse, physical, verbal abuse and neglect and trusted that Joanne Ventura was doing the right thing for me. She knew all this and now I know she took advantage of my trust and mental damage. Ms. Ventura did nothing about the upcoming loss of income and when I asked for a modification was told it was too soon after his retirement. I was forced to sell my home as I couldn't pay the mortgage after losing this income. I wasn't mentally sharp at the time as you can see. In 2006, I started having problems with my neck, causing me to lose my job and in 2007 have a 3 level cervical fusion which left me with enormous medical bills and loss of income. Once again I asked for a modification. The price was extremely high and Ms. Ventura said I wouldn't even get back what I paid so again I backed down, as I trusted her. I never thought a lawyer would lie, their job is to uphold the law. I no sooner got another job when my back gave me problems. Aother surgery in 2009 on my back was unsuccessful. I couldn't work and had a 3 level lumbar fusion in 1/2010. Once again I asked for and was convinced I couldn't get a modification. All this income loss and medical bills had run up my credit I had excellent credit my entire life. I was looking at bankruptcy and again, no modification. I must sound like an idiot trusting this woman, but she was very convincing. I went bankrupt in 5/2010 and, as I couldn't work as much as I needed to, had to add my home to the bankruptcy in 2012. In 2011, I asked my ex for proof of the court ordered life insurance he was required to maintain. Long story short, he had cancelled it 11 months before I asked and he forged a letter from the co saying it was in effect. I contacted my Joanne Ventura and finally, as her fee was too much I saved for 2 years and thenI consulted a 2nd attorney. After reviewing my file, he told me what had been done. I had been cheated out of my alimony, the law was broken as my alimony was being paid by my portion of his pension, which was divided as marital assets. He purchased a 2nd home at the same time he took early retirement claiming he couldn't afford alimony. He had $50,000 for a down payment, and was paying 2 mortgages. None of this was disclosed. I was advised to sue both attorneys. As doing this will result in serious legal problems for my ex, he could be jailed for contempt of court, due to cancelling the ins and also fraud as he continues to provide meaningless info claiming there is a policy. We have a daughter and he keeps involving her in our problems which has caused her a great deal of hurt which is why I don't want to sue the attorney, as she will suffer. Cigna sent me a letter telling me the policy was cancelled.I have nothing after working all my life, he vacations for a month in Paris, a month in Italy, went to Ireland, and this April vacation in New Orleans. He posted this on facebook and then quickly took it down but not before I copied it. I hired an attorney 9 months ago, and my money was wasted disputing his lies. Joanne Ventura is a lying scheming attorney and why she did this to me I have no idea. When I found out, I called her and asked to come in. She said she didn't have my file. I told her I had it. She then said she was retiring. Its been a year and she hasn't retired. As I no longer can afford an attorney, and don't qualify for legal aid as they just take your gross income and don't consider expenses, which I spend almost 1/3 of my income on medical and psychiatrist bills. RUN, don't walk away from this person. She has no morals, no conscience, and certainly doesn't uphold the law. I continue to look for someone who can assist me in at least getting my life insurance, Its disgusting that the law treats criminals better than they do innocent victims of divorce. Criminals get a free attorney. people like me get nothing. If this stops one person fro getting involved with this poor excuse for an attorney its worth it. Just to add, my exs attorney is Patricia Gilbert, and she works at Archer and Griener in Haddonfield as she is just as guilty as Joanne Ventura is. If anyone out there knows of any help I can get, please post on this website.

Offender: Joanne Ventura
Country: USA   State: New Jersey   County: Burlington   City: Marlton   Zip: 08053-4133
Address: 750 Route 70 s Suite 210
Phone: 856-596-2828

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