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LegalZoom wasted TWO WEEKS of my time

In the world of business permits, time is money and LegalZoom wasted TWO WEEKS of my time. We had ordered our Sellers Permit application via LegalZoom on 9/11/2013. We submitted our application via LegalZoom's online system AND review the application in its entirety with LegalZoom employee #1. Employee #1 assured me that the process generally takes 7-10 business day, but I should probably get my permit around 9/18 or 9/19. Still no news on 9/25 so I called back and spoke with employee #2 who checked their system and realized that our application was still sitting around waiting to be "assigned". Employee #2 assured me that she will expedite our order and I will see our Sellers Permit number in my inbox by the end of the day. No news on 9/26 so I called back today and spoke with employee #3 who said that the application wasn't processed because it was missing an email address. At no point in time did LegalZoom do me the courtesy of calling me or even sending me an email asking for this missing email address. Employee #3 assured me that everything will get taken care of and I will have my seller's permit by end of day. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me... I called back later the same day and was told by employee #4, SORRY BECAUSE YOU CHECK "YES" FOR TOBACCO PRODUCTS, WE CAN'T FILE YOUR SELLERS PERMIT APPLICATION. This box was checked "yes" when we submitted our application via LegalZoom's online system - at no point in time did the systems say STOP WE CAN'T HELP YOU. The box was check "yes" when we reviewed the application with employee #1 - at no point in time did employee #1 say SORRY WE CAN'T HELP YOU. Instead, LegalZoom wasted TWO WEEKS of my time and today, after being escalated to their "manager" a rude and condescending women named "Zita", was offered a refund of $48 for my Seller's Application order, after I have spent over $700 with LegalZoom already AND given a 1-800 California Board of Equalization number for me to CALL MYSELF. Remind me again what I paid them for? So in addition to providing utterly unreliable service, this is a company that also needs to work on their people skills. So if you need to file a Sellers Permit anywhere and are thinking about LegalZoom, I would advise you to turn around and run the other way. Do it yourself online ( - I just did and it was so easy I am literally going to kick myself for thinking LegalZoom is going to make my life easier. They have MADE MY LIFE HELL and have delayed by who knows how long the opening of my business. So thanks for nothing LegalZoom. You are crap.

Offender: Legal Zoom
Country: USA   State: All USA

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