Bruce Givner
A Tax Attorney Fraud

Bruce Givner is a real crook but he's so "well known" that he is untouchable. If you want to break into someone estate plan and rob it, he's the one who knows just how to do it. His morals are paid with the highest dollars. A real scum bag and preys upon the elderly too weak or old to know the difference. Hey, you out there who want to rob your parents or cheat your siblings you have to get an attorney without morals or scruples and for the right price he'll make it happen!

Well, Mr. Givner-what goes around, comes around. Someday when you are old and your mind is fading fast (and I promise you it will happen), your kid will take you for all your worth-hope he sticks you in a really smelly, scuzzy nursing home to rot away covered in your own piss and sh-- , while he's off having fun with your money. You deserve no less happiness than you have brought others. Shame, Shame, Shame- may you rot in hell for the pain you caused to others
Here's my blessing for you: may your soul be forever lost in a dark place without windows or doors and no end to the depth of fore-ever. We'll be waiting for you........

Offender: Bruce Givner
Country: USA   State: California   County: Los Angeles   City: Los Angeles

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