Awful company, no communication for 7 days

These jackasses had to call me 3 times to confirm payment via but ok... told me shipped after 3 to 4 days of receiving payment, this was day 7 and no communication whatsoever. Ok so I do a live chat with a dumbass who took 30 minutes to tell me they had to call me to tell me if the order shipped... wow. U cant email me a tracking number? Oh yes because you never shipped it. Eventually i get a call from some other foreign sounding voice (5th call) to tell me item was damaged and he had ALREADY refunded. without my asking. The auction said you had 3 of the items for sale, what about the other 2? Apparently they were damaged also. And why did you not tell me they were damaged the 1st call? I think my "best offer" was actually too low for them to accept. DONT ACCEPT AN OFFER IF YOU ARE LOSING MONEY! duh! you couldnt ask to find a dumber and more disorganized company. forgot to mention, also charged me twice for my purchase and refunded real fast because they were like "oh crap he's already paid". So 1. I paid, 2.was charged, 3. refunded, and eventually again 4. refunded. 4 transactions for no product at all.

But who knows maybe all 3 items were damaged and I was wrong about losing money to a best offer. I feel my opportunity cost of putting my money in a real business was wasted for 2 weeks tied up in useless transactions and you could have called to tell me the product was broken when I placed the order. Actually, dont attempt to be selling broken merchandise. TAKE IT OFF YOUR LISTINGS. jesus christ it was frustrating dealing with ef off. I feel sorry for any unknowing customers that wander into the clusterf*** warehouse these guys must be running.

ok one last thing, for my efforts $10 credit. stick it up you

Country: USA   State: All USA

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