I am out the money and have very little to show for it

I bought the lwest package of bids you could buy on this website. I won 5 auctions. The first one was an itunes gift card for $15, that I won for $.03. Not bad I thought, but then the shipping was $1.99. Well it came in 12 later. That same day I won a Sephora gift card for $50, for $1.36, again, there was a $1.99 shipping fee. This one wasn't shipping for some reason. I won it on the 4th of December and I had to harras them with emails and several phone calls. Finally it said it was being shipped, on Christmas Eve. That is 20 Days!!! It arrived on the 27th and I spent it yesterday and it worked. All $50 worth. On the 14th of December I won a fujifilm digital camera, worth $150-$199 depending on where you bought it. I was supper excited about this, because I was going to give it to my sister for Christmas. It still hasn't been shipped yet! going on 18 days now! I won it for $10.05, and had to pay $20 for shipping. Today I won a $25 gift card for $.03 and Dr. Dre Beats Solo Head Phones for $3.50. I doubt I will ever see them, but I hope that I will. All in all, the customer service of this place is seriously laking. Actually it is nonexistant! Not to mention they have changed there number several times and there address. I will be calling on Monday to again wage war with them. I will harrass them to no end until they either give me my products, or my money back and demand they shut down the site. Are there any hackers I can enlist to destroy this company? If so leave a message, I will contact you. Either way, they deserve there lives ruined for taking advantage of hard working people. I just wanted to buy christmas presents for my family. Presents I could afford! But now I am out the money and have very little to show for it.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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