Hendrik Honer
Hendrik Honer is still Defrauding Public

Mr. Honer allegedly committed wire fraud, money laundering, and tax fraud by having multiple people help him wire funds using their own accounts or set up bank accounts and withdraw cash without ever paying any taxes on hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of high end paintings. If you Google Hendrik Honer now, you will see that he has set up dozens of fictitious websites where he portrays himself as a self- proclaimed art dealer preying upon unsuspecting people. Hendrik Honer, nor his family, have never been exposed to the world of fine art. The Honer family has always been in the automotive business and Hendrik Honer came to the United States to study Automotive Management at Northwood University in Florida in West Palm Beach, Florida. Upon his failure in the automotive business, Mr. Honer realized that people who are fine art collectors are wealthy people and all of a sudden, he crowned himself an art dealer. Apparently, Mr.Honer chose the art brokerage business because it has no regulatory requirements nor do you need an educational background. Hendrik Honer became an overnight art dealer because he was told that you do not need any licenses, whether federal or state. He also thought that being an art dealer would command respect and prestige was more important than money to Hendrik Honer. Selling one important painting can yield a very lucrative payday. According to my sources, Hendrik Honer has no formal training about fine art but saw a vision of meeting successful, wealthy people if he became a fine art dealer. After befriending Atam Sahmanian and another gentlemen Gustavo Leiva (561)543.7435 and hearing the stories of a potential windfall and no regulatory requirements as well as the sexiness of dealing in fine art ,Mr.Hendrik Honer couldn’t resist the allure that fit his illegal status and need for potentially large income so he subsequently titled himself an art dealer. Mr.Honer befriended a man from New York he met through my dealership by the name of Atam Sahmanian (914)393.0329. Mr. Sahmanian is a custom shirt maker/tailor who also is a self- proclaimed art dealer. Mr.Honer then wanted to market himself and starting commenting on fine art forums on a third person point of view. As an example, he would post something like this; “according to world renowned fine arts dealer Hendrik Honer of Honer Fine Art, the painting auctioned at Christies has been overpriced.” He posted tons of comments like that on the comment section so he would have a high Google ranking and he can tell his potential clients to Google his name. He was pulling this charade to achieve a higher page rank on Google. Mr. Honer will not post any viable information about himself due to his current immigration status he’s in hiding not because he fears for his life but because he’s been illegally in the United States for over 10 years. Mr.Honer frequents various night clubs and automotive events to meet and mingle with wealthy people. Definitely not the actions of a person in fear for their life. He’s told multiple people that he created these websites so he can get his name on the first page of Google so when the Immigration and Naturalization Service does their background investigation on him, Hendrik Honer will show up on multiple pages on Google and the background investigators would be extremely impressed, thus, prioritizing him in getting a green card and not delve too much into the shady life and activities he has been involved in the past 10 years he has lived in the United States illegally. I have people who have witnessed Hendrik Honer brag about this. He bragged that he will definitely get a green card because the INS will be impressed with the results of his reputation when the INS Google searches him. Please observe when all of the websites and links associated with his name were started. Over a dozen websites like www.hendrikhoner.com, www.hendrikhoner.net, www.honerfineart.com, www.honermodern.com, www.honerartadvisory.com, as well others were started all at the same time frame which was after he has sent his application to the Vermont Office of the Immigration and Naturalization Office. It sure is amazing for someone who is in hiding because he fears his life to have close to a dozen websites about himself started all at once. These websites are nothing but shell websites and the main reason he created them was to impress the background investigators in the Vermont Office of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Office and look like he is a veteran reputable art dealer to potential clients. Also, please note that he does not even have a PO Box or mailing address.

Offender: Hendrik Honer
Country: USA   State: All USA   City: West Palm Beach

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