This company is a complete scam

I have never written a review on any site until now. This company is a complete scam. We bought a voucher for a Limo for $450 No where on the site does it say call immediately and set up your date because if when you call and have trouble with a merchant they deal with you will not be able to get a refund. I had the merchant try to charge me to fees when I called one for the service pickup which was an extra $89 and one for gratuity which was $199. I was told by the merchant when arguing the $89 charge because I was within the 25 mile pickup radius that was printed on the voucher that I could just get a refund. So I decided to call Living social after they said that because I was so upset about all these charges I was trying to be charged that were not printed anywhere in the fine print of Living Socials Voucher. So I get a customer service rep that just apologized but basically said there was nothing they could do since the time past. He did offer to give me $450 back in Daily Bucks which I absolutely am not taking because I already did not want to buy another deal where I may run in to the same trouble I was experiencing with false advertising on what I was purchasing and no mention of additional fees. There should be a law against hidden fees that are not mentioned and it should be labeled as fraud to the consumer, especially when the company will not refund the money to the customer. I was then basically threatened when I refused to have $450, money which I do not have to be sitting in an account not at my disposable for things I need, I asked for a supervisor and was told that if I spoke to a supervisor the deal of the daily bucks credit to my account may be taken away. When I said I was gonna have my friend contact her credit card company and dispute the charge, the guy says to be well if she does that she will be charged with fraud because it is a valid charge. Excuse me, I bought a product that has no mention of additional charges I am going to be charged when I use a voucher, who is commiting the fraud??!!!

After I spoke to the supervisor, I was sent an email saying here is the refund policy. We will not refund your money or dailybucks. So guess it wasn't an idle threat from the customer service threat but actual fact. I was told to work it out with the merchant who had already agreed because of me contacting their manager that the $89 fee would be waived. But Living Social did nothing about getting the $199 gratuity charge so I had to contact them again. Per that phone call I was told it would not be waived and that the merchant does not get paid by Living Social until the voucher is redeemed. So my money isn't even with the merchant as I was originally told by the customer service rep and supervisor that the merchant had already been paid by them.

I absolutely cannot believe a company can do what Living Social is doing and getting away with it. I am contacting the BBB, my State Attorney Generals office and I have also found a class action suit with Groupon who is a competitor of Living Social and am gonna contact the attorneys representing clients on that case. At least in Groupons return policy they say refunds are case by case after the 7 days but not only on businesses that go out of business like Living Social does! The worst part about it is how ridiculous that they think this kind of customer service is going to gain customers. I will review on every site I can to tell people do not do this. You can find deals online through companies own websites and you are way better off dealing directly with the merchant then going through this 3rd party that just wants to Scam you and take your money!!!

Country: USA   State: All USA

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