Waterhouse Financial Inc.
Scam sweepstakes check!

On NOV.25 2007 i received a check in the mail for 4,880.00 dollars with a letter saying i had won a sweepstakes with a 5,000,000.00 dollar cash prize to be shared with 20 winners in all out of 50,000 entry's, yeah buddy i was one of those 20 winners! Its christmas time i have two kids, my wife had a stroke 14 months ago and we are still waiting for her s.s disability and i am on s.s disability raising 2 teenagers a disable wife my 73 year old mother and myself!!! Well i read the sweepstakes letter and i call Waterhouse financial inc. I proceed to follow the directions and i give them my claim number, the guy on the other end says his name is bob morris and he confirms my claim number and tells me i am a confirmed winner of 250,000.00 dollars and to run right on down and deposit my first payment 4,880.00 dollars well hot dog i am excited my wifes all happy and the kids and my mom daddy has finally caught a break until we get to the bank and i get my bank mgr. to check it out, yep sure enough its a SCAM!!! Well that just put a big baa.humm.bugg in the season to be jolly well the family is disappointed and i am pretty well pissed at this point. Anyway what they were hoping at Waterhouse or so called is that you deposit their check for4,880.00 dollars and as soon as you do this you are to call them back with confirmation of the deposit then they want your routing# and your account# for your checking account, so they can send the rest of your money, NOT!!! Then they want a western union for the taxes due on your winnings. So you end up getting scammed for 2,985.00dollars and in 3 to 10 days you find out the 4,880.00 dollar check has bounced or the funds taken back out of your account!!! THEY ARE THE GRINCH THAT STEALS CHRISTMAS!!!

Offender: Waterhouse Financial Inc.
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Houston

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