let's start a class-action lawsuit against this company

This company never notified me that they would charged a monthly service of $15.99 for the same services that you can get for free directly from not only block you from buying insurance directly from USPS so you have to purchase insurance from instead.

Stamps, com is using the same tactics like from the good old credit report dotcom, and many other outfits on the Internet using confusing information and lured you into signing up for services that would cost you a monthly fees, and try to buried this monthly service fees into the stamp purchases, so you can not tell if you are paying this monthly service fees.

If there is a lawyer out there, let;s look into this company's practices and see if we can make the lawyers rich.

We need to stop from charging others for services they have no idea that they were being charged monthly.

I can be reach at (480) 278-6304 if you want to know the details.

Country: USA   State: California   City: Los Angeles

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