Concessions Fabricators
Jerry Clinton- Rip OFF

May 2011 - I was perusing Ebay for an upgrade to my Hot dog cart business. I came across a listing for self contained cart builder in Michigan. Guy goes (or went) by Concessions Fabricators. Jerry Clinton. I called the number listed on the ad and the guy was very personable and knowledgable to start with. He told me I only needed 10% down paymen to have him start building what I thought would be the dream vending cart. I had the money at the time, so I decided to motivate him to get me my cart in a rapid time frame, I decided to send 50% of the balance. I mailed this guy a $3000 check. He emailed me invoices for balance. After this process is where I started getting nervous. Severe lack of communication from Mr. Clinton and no proof that my unit was even started being worked on or built. His emailed invoice stated the cart would be finished in 7-9 weeks after he rec'd my monies. I should have had my cart in July last year. When ever I DID manage to get Jery Clinton to answer his cell phone, He had all manner of excuses. Other jobs, no good shop help, etc... ( and the best one, his mother was in hospital) Never verified. November, I still did not have my cart and I discovered how much he had lied about shipping costs of my unit to Houston TX. He originally quoted me $400 neighborhood to ship and I was getting shipping quotes of no less than $900. Needless to say, I didnt have nor did I want to top my $6000 cart expense with another thousand dollar cost, I decided to cancel the whole arrangement and demand my deposit back. Jerry Clinton has made numerous promises to send my deposit (allegedly AFTER he sells MY cart) and to date, no cart, no communication and no check. He no longer even bothers to answer phone. I have threatened to sue, and he's not concerned about that. He said at one point to 'Do what I have to do.' He believes just because I'm 1300 miles away, he's safe from repurcussions. This guy has NO INTENTION of me getting my money. Do NOT do business with him.

Offender: Concessions Fabricators
Country: USA   State: Michigan   City: Livonia - But this is a

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